Diving Spirituality Within Student's FK Book

Author : Humas | Monday, July 17, 2017 13:15 WIB

MOST people understanding, spirituality is solely owned by those who have religion or certain faith. Actually, It is not. Spirituality  is more universal, its means not related to a particular religion. Although someone's religion showed the spiritual nuance, it was vey good and more complete.

It was said by Ikhwan Marzuqi, the fifth semester student of Medical Faculty University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FK UMM), when the launching and sharing his third book, entitled "Spiritual Enlightenment: Know, Love and Care the Spiritual Enlightenment" at Ismail Marzuki Gramedia Bookstore Malang on Sunday, July 16.

"For those who follows religion, spirituality  has a meaning to understand a sincerity of heart that always devotes to God, or to the universe for those who have no religion. Such that devotion will give a feeling to explore the nature of life, and to understand our roles as His creation on earth," said the student from Pamekasan, East Java.

In this 184 pages book, Ikhwan, as his nickname, contained three chapters: Recognizing, Loving and Caring. These three chapters, ikhwan said, actually derived from a proverb he then combinated in book form to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The proverb was, "Not knowing then no love, no love then not caring".

"To give a deeper impression on spiritual field, this book contains various reflections, steps, and directions to implement them in all aspect of life," he explained.

By launching the book titled "Spiritual Enlightenment", Ikhwan has already written 3 books. two other books, Ihkwan wrote it since he was new student on title Heart Journey and Inner Peace. However, the two titles of those book were not published by major publishers such as  'Spiritual Enlighment' which was being discussed.

He Admitted, his writing skill began when joining the dormitory week program that followed by all new students UMM through the Personality and Leadership Training Program (P2KK). One of its subject was about writing. Ikhwan motivated, and then he began seriously of the world of authorship.

His enthusiasm of joining spiritual motivation training encouraged him to choose spirituality on his writing themes. Since high school, Ikhwan had been keen to attend various spiritual motivation training. He even claimed had completed every level of training that exists. Much Books about spirituality also he had read.

Vice Rector I UMM Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. Appreciated Ikhwan when participating on the the book launching invitation. According to him, Ikhwan was very extraordinary due to his brave to write the theme that is usually written by human who has matured in his life.

"Writing about spirituality is not easy, you know! the books contain what is outside of us, it easier to understand. While talking about spirituality, it is the object that is within us. When a writer chooses the object of spirituality in his writings, the writer would write many of his own experiences," Syamsul said.

People who did not have spiritual experience, Syamsul added, may not be able to write about the theme. To be able to deepen spirituality, a person should at least at the mature age, namely at the age of 40 years old. According to Syamsul, based on the philosophy of life, life is beginning at that age. At 21 years old of his age on April 2017, Ikhwan has become a human figure before its time.

Syamsul's interest was also on the theme of spirituality that raised up in the book. He acknowledged, such these themes were also being deeply on his sight. "Hopefully the meeting to discuss these themes do not stop here. I hope there is an advanced forum for sharing around spirituality issues," he said.

In the near future, the book "Spiritual Enlightenment" was also planned to be discussed at UMM along with the launch of Syamsul Arifin's latest book entitled "KaRen: A Novel". (Naz)



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