Minister of Trade Invites UMM Students to Innovate an Promote Nation

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 29, 2017 04:11 WIB


UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) w preparing a four-year lecture pass program and guarantee a job for alumni. In addition, the presence of Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita on Guest Lecture (24/11) at UMM Dome was fresh air for UMM students.

"The presence of this Minister is the ammunition for UMM students to spur the spirit of learning, independent spirit, entrepreneurship spirit so that it becomes a successful person," said Rector of UMM, Fauzan.

In line with UMM aspirations, Lukita said that UMM students as part of Indonesian civilization must contribute to prosperity of Indonesian society with population of 258 million people.

"Indonesia has 285 million people and from free trade side, that number is a tremendous market potential. However, it would be useless if the amount is only a market for other countries," said Lukita.

Added by Lukita, negotiations to build ASEAN economic market should be supported by qualified human resources. In addition to negotiations with outsiders, Lukita also invited UMM students to innovate and create increased domestic production.

"In order to maintain the president's mandate, I invite all academic community in UMM to jointly create local products that can compete with other countries' products," said Lukita.In addition to invite UMM students to become entrepreneurs, the presence of Lukita also invited UMM officials to plan the procurement of supporting facilities UMM student learning process into an entrepreneur. In this guest lecture, the invitation to become a modern farmer and understand the modern market were also presented by Lukita.

"UMM has become a prestigious university, so opportunity of UMM student is very big to take part in the progress of the nation, I am proud of UMM," explained by Lukita. (ard)



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