Minister of State Secretary at UMM: Social Sciences is a Science Leader

Author : Humas | Friday, August 09, 2019 10:09 WIB
Prof. Dr. Pratikno explains his material in front of the HIPIIS Convention members. (Photo: Rino/PR UMM)

Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg) Republic Indonesia Prof. Dr. Pratikno as the keynote speaker at the National Convention of Social Sciences in Indonesian Association for Social Sciences Development (HIPIIS) delivered material with a focus on Human Resource (HR) Development of the Social Sciences Perspective.

Located at the Dome Theater of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Thursday (8/8), Minister Pratikno said that the accumulation of his experiences as a social science practitioner, especially when he was the Rector of UGM. From his experience, hesaid that social science is the leader of all sciences.

To understand the community and the society desires, we need to have social science. A good product will not reach the community without social science. So it can be said that social science is the leader of science,he said in front of the HIPIIS members and the White Campus academic community, UMM.

Furthermore, he said that social science is no longer a stand-alone science. With his experience, the analogy of the tree of knowledge that has been introduced can no longer be used at this time. Science, in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 was transformed into a wilderness tree, where science is no longer monodisciplinary.

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It is time for tertiary institutions to use an interdisciplinary approach, where solving a problem must also use another science perspective. For example, a director of a bachelor hospital he is studying medicine, but his master may take management discipline,said Praktikno.

Praktikno greeted by the HIPIIS members. (Photo: Rino/PR UMM)

Pratikno then gave an example to the technology company Gojek. Nadiem Makarim, who is a social science person building a business with a social mission. He identified the problems that exist in society today. Finally he provides a solution by utilizing Big Data with a data science approach.

Through this approach, social science can be processed with technology and become something of value. "Social science is where a problem can be identified, and a solution can be found. Moreover, in Indonesia currently entering the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. which all solutions can also be solved with technology,he said.

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Departing from this, Pratikno then said that human resources are superior and can develop if they have the character of today's social scientists. Among the superior characters of social scientists is that he is broad-minded, sees things with different perspectives, is flexible and responsive, and is capable of arguing.

Human resource development in the future must be based on a warrior spirit, high determination to progress and learn based on empathy and sociability. So that future generations of Indonesia can bring Indonesia to become a progressive nation and be able to face all challenges,he concluded. (joh)



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