Refusing the Twilight, UMM Students believed to make newspaper as the Main Reading of Society

Author : Humas | Saturday, January 12, 2019 15:57 WIB
The students that got the best newspaper categories. (Photo:Mirza/PR)
In the midst of the emergence of various mass media platforms in the digital era, did not necessarily discourage a group of students for continuing to produce traditional media. Even though print media was staying unpopular, they continued to campaign newspapers as the community's main reading material.

For the first time, the Launch of the Newspaper and Awarding of Journalistic Fieldwork Practice (PKLs) were held by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Indonesian Language and Literature Department on Saturday (1/12) at the BAU Campus Auditorium III UMM.

In this awarding, there were 11 nominations won by several groups. Through Dr. Dra. Hj. Sugiarti, M.Sc., Chair of the UMM Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department, stated, "Every journalistic course, its output is newspapers," he explained. Newspapers, he said, were still effective information delivery media in Malang City.

She explained, the newspaper turned out to be still in demand by certain classes of society. In fact, the general information broadcasting device was introduced in 1960 by Benjamin Harris - the figure who started the publication of the first American newspaper was still in demand. "Especially for the age of 40 years and above," she said.

At this award, Sugiarti claimed to be amazed by her students. According to her, the awarding was as a form of the highest appreciation for hard work for 6 months in the process. "With the provision of extensive creation space, they can explore capabilities optimally," she said proudly.

In addition, the paperwork project carried out during this semester also not only learns about coverage. But also mass media management, distribution to marketing was done professionally. "Complete! There are so many parts so that students choose according to their interests, "said Sugiarti.

Interestingly, Daily Commissioner of Malang Post Husun N. Djuraid also accompanied the students directly in managing print media. Started from the science of leading media companies, being editor in chief, financial manager, advertising manager, marketing manager, to looking for news directly in the field.

One of them was the Saskara newspaper, this 12-page newspaper succeed to record various unique stories and inspirations from various angles in Malang. Not only was the story of student entrepreneurial success, but the Saskara editor also presented various in-depth reviews about education, social, culture, and the world of health.

Not only that, but this newspaper also opened advertising services professionally. Like professional management, incoming advertising services were used as operational financing for the media prototypes they ran. Sugiarti hoped, this experience can be used as a valuable lesson to get involved in the real world of media.

Another thing that was certainly found in this project was the ability to communicate. Covering the news certainly must know how to communicate well. Besides that, unmitigated this limited published newspaper was sold independently. So that, it can also be enjoyed by the people of Malang City widely. (Win)



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