Presenting About Smart City, Prodi IP UMM Brought In Thailand Speaker

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 01, 2018 17:30 WIB
Head of Department of Government Administration welcomed the opening of guest lecture event at the Technical Hall GKB 3
 Governmental Science Study Program (Prodi) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) tries to improve student's scientific knowledge. Recently, bringing in speakers from Khon Koen University Thailand, Dr Narin Jaroensappayanon, Prodi IP UMM held a sixth semester undergraduate course with the theme of Development Smart City as a Concept For The Sustainable in the Technical Hall of GKB 3, Thursday (1/3).
Head of Prodi Science Government, Salahudin, SIP, MSi, MPA mentioned that the presence of presenters from Thailand is expected to provide new sight about smart city for students.
"Because of the rapid development of science, so we invite overseas guests to share," he said.
On the occasion, there were some Narin said, one of them is the practical Smart City in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Salahudin explained, there is not only a guest lecture, but also a special target to be achieved where that students have the spirit to "sign in" in exchange programs in Thailand, especially in Khon Koen University for one semester or one month.
"If the exchange is about one to two weeks, while signing in it can be one month, one semester and there will be regulation majors and universities to transfer credit," said Salahudin.
In addition, Salahudin told, when he was in Thailand, it has been implemented MoU Department of Governmental Studies UMM with Khon Kaen University. In the future, cooperation will also be developed with several countries in Europe, America and China.
"Even this semester, I will send students in some countries," said Salahudin. (ard)


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