Snooping Bread-Free Preservatives Factory, UMM Bakery

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 17, 2018 13:29 WIB
Hygienic: In addition to delicious, baking process UMM Bakery is also guaranteed hygiene. (Photo: Nur Sya'bani)
UMM Bakery was born from the passing of dedicated proposal to people of Science and Technology Program for Campus Creativity and Innovation (IbKIK) funded by Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).
Firstly, the idea of business was by lecturer of Food Technology Science (ITP), UMM. Ir. Damat MP, who submitted a proposal of dedication to Functional Bread Sweet society in 2013 ago. Damat saw there not only have economic value, but also business opportunity in the field of bakery. It can become student learning media.
"One of Mr. Damat's reasons proposed to IbKIK is ITP students have a container for directly practicum and the results of lab can be developed at UMM Bakery," said head of UMM Bakery production and lecturer of ITP UMM, Desiana Nuriza Putri, STP. MSc.
Unexpectedly, the effort received a positive response. Having some advantages, currently UMM Bakery has grown and had several variants, such as sausage bread, mini bread, bread kepang to pizza with various flavors.
In addition to delicious, the distinctive advantages of UMM Bakery products are free preservatives. UMM Bakery also sells its products at affordable prices ranging from Rp. 1,500, - up to Rp. 4,500, -.
To continue improving the quality, chef UMM Bakery is innovating. He prepared a new formula to develop another type of bread.
"In February, we plan to launch a new variant," said Desi. (ard)


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