Peeking Happy Children at the Corner of Wajak to Welcome UMM KaCa Car

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 02, 2018 15:31 WIB
Children's Enthusiasm of Sumberputih Village when choosing books in Smart Cars.

A happy streak appeared on the faces of hundreds of elementary school children in Sumberputih Village, Wajak District, Malang Regency. Enthusiastic expression lined up to welcome the arrival of KaCa Car University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

Ahead of the commemoration of Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17, the Service Community Group collaborated withUMM KaCa Car to hold an event titled PS2 "Pekan Siswa Sumberputih" on Thursday (2/8).

Sumberputih Village Chief, Bambang Purnomo, expressed his appreciation for this event. "It is such a rare for us because we, in this remote area, are the most endless villages," he said.

Bringing various interesting concepts, Bambang hoped that the presence of a KaCa car would provide a learning spirit for elementary school children in Sumberputih. "We hope that this library will further increase their learning motivation," he added.

The Chairman of PS2 Prosecutor, Putri Aisyah, explained in this activity there were students from four elementary schools who participated in, namely SDN Sumberputih 1, SDN Sumberputih 2, SDN Sumberputih 4, MI Raden Rahmat and MI Miftahul Huda. "In addition to outbound and presenting KaCa car, we also hold a quiz competition, poetry and entrepreneurial bazaar," he explained.

Ahdan, one of the 4th grade students of MI Miftahul Huda, said he was happy to find various interesting books in UMM KaCa Cars. He also took several titles enthusiastically. "I read a lot of books, and also about space. It's really nice and it increases knowledge," he admitted.

In addition to the various competitions, KKN 18 also held free health services. There was also drug counseling, clean and healthy behavior. This group even carried out pipelines for village water sources.

"We try to increase the size of the pjpa in every village. We have helped to install it also," concluded by the Village Coordinator, Alim Ismoyo Haryanto. (ard)



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