The Minister Promises Postgraduate Scholarship for the Winners

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 10:28 WIB


Rektor UMM, Muhadjir Effendy bersama Direktur DP2M, Dirjen Dikti, Prof. Dr. Djoko Santoso dan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional M. Nuh memencet tombol alarm pembukaan Kontes Robot Indonesia Nasional.

          Indonesian Robot Contest, which was held on Saturday-Sunday (6/19-20) at UMM Dome, was a real way to prove the engineering students’ capability at the national level. Those robots were making a very festive atmosphere at the arena. The Minister of National Education, M. Nuh, who attended the opening ceremony, was amazed by the participants’ and supporters’ spirit. "This is not only a creativity and intelligence contest, but also entertainment," said Education Minister, Saturday (6/19).

           The contest was attended by 96 robots from 53 universities in Indonesia. They were 24 teams from all universities in Indonesia. Then, the contest was continued also with Kontes Robot Cerdas Indonesia (KRCI). There were 17 teams of KRCI Beroda, 15 teams of KRCI Berkaki, and 24 teams of KRCI Battle. One different thing at that time was 16 robots which were designed to perform Tari Pendet at Kontes Robot Seni Indonesia (KRSI).

            At the opening, a dancing robot named Dewi Sekartaji created by students of UMM performed in front of the Minister. The dancing robot which wore a mask, named Malangan, was so fascinating because it looked like a human. Then it went to next performance, establishing Prambanan temple. It made the Minister, who was accompanied by the Rector of UMM Muhadjir Effendy and the Director General of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Djoko Santoso, smile.

           Dewi Sekartaji was actually prepared to compete at the Indonesian Robot Contest Art (KRSI), but it was failed to go on national scale. "Instead, we try to improve its weaknesses and finally we just made a robot that is very interesting," said Kasrun, the coach of KRSI UMM.

         In his speech, the Rector said that all participants actually were the winner. Because, through performing in the national scale meant that they had gone through a rigorous selection and maximal effort. "We are all winners," he said.

         M. Nuh added that there were four things related to KRI. "The students are trained to understand the nature of the problem. So before designing something, one must first understand the main issues to be faced, then through the design process to solve the problem. Furthermore, students learn to actualize what they have already understood," he said.

          The main point of the event, the Minister continued, was to build creative and innovative culture. "So for those who love robot, part of this competition is not only to understand, design, and implement, but also the strategy to win the match," continued he.

         Furthermore, M. Nuh promised, the winner of the KRI 2010 will represent Indonesia at the International Robot Contest that will be held in Cairo, Egypt. In addition, the winners will be awarded scholarships to take postgraduate education. "The Ministry of National Education Ministry will provide postgraduate scholarships and it is for studying in Indonesia only. It covers tuition fees and living expenses for two full years," said Nuh. The scholarship could not be transferred to others, because the scholarship was created for all members of the winner team.

Till the end of the competition, the Pens KRI ITS led as the champion, followed by ITS and UGM. Winner of KRCI Beroda were Gajah Mada University, Pens, and Polytechnic of Bandung. KRCI Berkaki was won by ITB, UGM and UI. KRCI Battle led Poltek Bengkalis, Pens ITS and University Kristen Satya Wacana as the winners. Meanwhile, KRSI made Pens ITS, Ubaya, and Unibra won. (rwp/nas/t_ris)




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