Gliding to Balikpapan, UMM SSB is ready to Grab the Menpora Cup

Author : Humas | Monday, August 27, 2018 13:23 WIB
Taking picture with Sidik Sunaryo, Haris Tofly, Eko Budi H. and U-12 UMM SSB teams

Continuing to peal the spirit of "From Muhammadiyah to the Nation", University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is back to enliven the football atmosphere in Malang. Through the Football School (SSB) owned, eleven students trained by this school are ready to compete in the Menpora Cup at the cemmemoration of National Sports Day in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan on (28-31 / 8).

Established in 2012, SSB UMM had experienced a vacuum. Recovered in the early July, SSB UMM is pursuing targets to be able to participate in and win in the several championships. One of them was the success of U-12 group who defeated Blitar will go to the national level soon.

In addition, at the same time the U-15 group also won the Soeratin Cup in Malang City and immediately represented Malang at the Provincial level. "The preparation is less than three months, but we can prove that SSB UMM has a reliable and potential players is true," said the coach of UMM FC Student Activity Unit (UKM), Haris Tofli.

The enthusiasm and passion for achievement at UMM SSB began to rise up when Haris officially became the coach of UMM FC Student Activity Unit (UKM). The man who is also a lecturer at Law Faculty of UMM, Law Study Program, saw that SSB UMM has had many potential players, so it is unfortunate if there is no continuation of coaching.

"This UMM SSB already has a lot of extraordinary potential players, it is unfortunate if it is not done further and specifically coaching," said Haris in the release of UMM U-12 Team at UMM Stadium on Sunday (8/26).

On this activity, were also presented the Head of Sports Achievement of the Youth and Sports Department (Dispora) Division of Malang City, Eko Budi Hartoyo, who also cheer up for the U-12 Team and advised to remain the sportiveness in the match.

"Uphold the sportiveness as a form of character education, losing or winning do not matter. The most important that achievement must be gotten with honesty," Eko said.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector of Student Affairs, Sidik Sunaryo, told to the U-12 Team to play optimally to be an expert in their respective fields.

"Compete as well as possible, maximize your potential, you all have the potential to become heroes in your respective fields of expertise," Sidik said. (ard)



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