At UMM, International Experts Develops Lesson Study

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 03, 2016 13:38 WIB


Manabu Sato from Gakushuin University, Japan described Lesson Study in front of the participants of ICLS. Photo taken by: Rino Anugrawan.

INTERNATIONAL Conference on Lesson Study (ICLS) and the Education Colloquium (EC) officially opened on Thursday (3/11) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Various countries participated in this prestigious event, such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Romania, USA, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Dean of Faculty of Education of UMM Dr. Poncojari Wahyono stated that ICLS is a media for researchers, academics, and professional educators to exchange knowledge about lesson study (LS).

Founder and president of Association of Indonesian Lesson Study (ALSI), Sumar Hendayana,Ph.D explained that LS is a media to promote continuous learning through school improvement and community empowerment. Besides, the positive impact of the implementation of this learning community is sellecting talents. ICLS is an international conference which is based on ‘school visit type’ to a school that is already successfully implementing the LS. The participants of school visit could see the best practice of LS implementation.

Founder of ICLS from Gakusyuin University, Japan, Prof. Manabu Sato in his presentation said that the future characteristics of the school as a learning community (SLC) is not a recipe, technique, or formula, but a series of visions, philosophies and activities which are summarized in a system.

SLC was not formed through a personal approach, but practice that is integrated to an active, collaborative, reflective learning, LS-centered learning, professional collegial, school autonomy and democratic school. Not only that, SLC also relies on 'listening skill'. The ability to listen is intended as a starting point in learning because it will create a communication dialogue which will bring the possibility to get along with colleagues.

Now, all members of ALSI are actively developing the LS-based learning in the partner schools in their respective regions. UMM that was the host of the seventh ICLS begin to train schools in Batu by forming LS Community.

Manabu Sato continued "ICLS will improve the quality of education for UMM. ICLS and the EC is committed to the UMM as an institution that is believed to be a world-class university, " (Ich / han)



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