UMM Mechatronic and Srikandi Team were Ready to Dominate in the KMHE 2019

Author : Humas | Monday, September 23, 2019 16:24 WIB
Mekatronic and Srikandi Team with Energy Saving Cars (Photo: Rino / PR)

After being the fastest (champion 1) in the Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE) in the previous year which succeed breaking the Asian and world records by successfully recording the best results of 335.09 KM / KWH, Mechatronics and Srikandi Team of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) prepared to compete in KMHE 2019 at the State University of Malang (UM), September 24-28.

These three teams in the Urban Electric category were represented by Mechatronics Team 1 with the U.E.V. 06 Genetro car (Urban Electric Vehicle). In the Electrical Prototype category LSO was represented by Mechatronics Team 2 with the prototype car of Barqun Speed ​​Electric Vehicle (E.V.) 04. While in the Urban Gasoline category was represented by the women team of Srikandi Team with the Hrusangkali Car. For Srikandi Team, this contest would be their second competition.

For specifications of Electric Prototype, the body was made of carbon fibre, aluminium chassis and powered by an electric motor. While for Urban Electricity the body was also made of carbon fibre, aluminium chassis and powered by a 500-watt electric motor. While the specification for the Hrusangkali car was made by Srikandi Team, the body was made of glass fibre, aluminium chassis and Pertamax 92 fuel.

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We need to know that the Srikandi Team was the only team whose members consisted of this woman who last year won the award in the category of Best Design and Aesthetics KMHE 2018. Srikandi Team UMM with the Hrusangkali Evo 01 vehicle that competed in the Gasoline Internal Combustion Motor (MPD) class at that time, at the beginning it had been the centre of attention of the jury and participants from other universities.

All three teams admitted that had prepared long before. "The Mechatronics Team has competed and won first place in the category of Urban Electricity and last year the Srikandi Team won the best Design and Aesthetics at Padang State University. Hopefully, the achievements this year will be better and can maintain the victory" said Drs. Moh. Jufri, ST., MT. as the coach of Mechatronic LSO during the released at the UMM Rector Building.

"Don't be burdened by victory because our team has been tested at the National level towards International. Besides that, my message was not too proud and arrogant. We must have a winning mentality but still do the best, "added the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ir. Ahmad Mubin MT during his speech in front of UMM Rector Building, Monday (9/23) afternoon. Attended by all three members of the complete team.

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Joko continued, the availability of supporting facilities in every student learning process could not be separated from the record of student achievement. For Joko, the seriousness and commitment of UMM to give birth the nation's best generation through various achievements at national and even international levels was also a tangible manifestation of the UMM White Campus tagline, "from Muhammadiyah for the Nation." (win)



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