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LOVE AL QUR’AN: Guidance read and write Al Qur’an for student to be a part of Love Al Qur’an Movement (Genta) Markaz Dakwah UMM 

Ahead of Ramadhan month which will come next two months, Markaz Da’wah wa Khidzmatul Mujtama’ University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) or known as Markaz Dakwah prepare to divide korma. Total of 4-6 ton korma is imported from Saudi Arabia every year. This program is one of unit program that established since 2003.

Markaz Dakwah is under the control of Islamic Studies Faculty, that korma will be distributed to some institution in Malang, especially under the control of Muhammadiyah. “Dividing korma is routine program of Markaz Dakwah conducted during Ramadhan. The distribution is also helped by International Relation Bureau Dr Abdul Haris MA,” said Chief of Markaz Dakwah UMM Amir Rifai.

Not only dividing korma, Markaz Dakwah also serves as FAI Laboratory also has some routine program, such as open fasting together every Ramadhan, sending Da’i to teach Islamic knowledge and da’wah in mosque, so help the distribution of Islamic book and Al Qur’an also establishing Gerakan Cinta Al-Quran (Genta).

“Genta is routine program of Markaz Dakwah. This program is also part of Al-Islam and Muhammdiyah (AIK) curriculum about reading and writing Al-Qur’an,” said Amir. He added this program will be the requirement to take the thesis.

“For student who can read and write Al-Quran will follow test and be given certificate, and for who cannot will be held training of read and write Al-Qur’an intensively,” said Amir.

Amir said, Markaz Dakwah has important role for student, lecturers and community. “If there is student, lecturer and community who need our help such as learning to read and write Al-Qur’an, we are ready to help,” he said.

Head of BKLN UMM Abdul Haris explained, the origin of Markaz Dakwah formation in this campus was begun from the arrival of Syaikh Ibrahim Al Mawas, representative from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who cooperated with UMM in the exchange of Arabic language teacher and Islamic studies. Ibrahim is known has large da’wah network in his state.

“Because of that initiative, then Ust Ibrahim formed a partnership by the establishment of Markaz Dakwah in UMM,” said Abdul Haris. Markaz Dakwah then inaugurated in 2004 by Imam Masjidil Haram, Syaikh Abdurrahman As-Sudais, accompanied by Vice Rector I UMM that time, Wakidi. (nis/zul/han/t_zuh)



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