UMM Marching Band Won a National Competition

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 21, 2019 13:52 WIB
Bright smile of proud after receive the trophy. (Photo: Special)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Marching Band show a great performance in the Delta Marching Open Festival Indonesia (DEMOFI) competition in 16-17 last March. This 2 years old Students Activity Unit (UKM) won a lot of champion title in different kinds of categories in the event that held in Gor Deltras Sidoarjo.

Some of the achieved titles are the 2nd winner of Brass Ensemble, 2nd winner of Colour Guard Contest, 2nd winner of Individual Movement Analysis, 2nd winner of General Effect, 2nd winner of Ensemble Analysis, and 2nd winner of Analysis Equipment. UMM Marching Band Team replace the domination of the winner of this annual National event.

 “Our practice is quite short, it is only 2 months. Since January,” said one of the Brass player Trisna Harry. In that period of time, This Marching Band UKM were very discipline in every training session. Then Trisna shares the story of UMM Marching Band journey before they won the national event.

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The biggest challenge that faced Trisna and friends was the ownership of the equipment. During the process of their practice until their performance in the event, the equipment was hired from a rental. “We were still new. When we ask for a proposal for our equipment, we were asked to achieve something first from the campus,” said this Management student.

For Trisna himself, this challenge feels very difficult for him as the first Chairman of this UKM. Because Marching Band needs to keep practicing, moreover before the competition starts. However, the challenge from the campus to Trisna and friends are completed with a brilliant achievement.

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During the competition, the jury was amazed at the Brass harmony and the Colour Guard movement or the flag guard that performed by UMM Marching Band UKM. “At that place, we were expected to be the next big Marching Band, it is absolutely will keep motivate us,” said this 2014 class student.

Trisna continues, nothing is impossible. Even though the obstacle is limited equipment. He also wishes that Marching Band UKM can improve their achievement in the name of UMM in every competition. ”Everything is possible, as long as they have a big passion and a will to move,” he said. (joh)



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