Silaturrahim Presents Optimism and Mind Clarity : Malik Fadjar

Author : Humas | Tuesday, July 04, 2017 09:20 WIB

DAILY Elder Member Board (BPH) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) chief Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar MSc in his remark during UMM Halal bi Halal event on Monday, July 3 asserted, we have to be thankful for the favors of opportunity through Ramadan. This thankful needs to be made constantly as a force to face future, optimistic and thinking clearly in life. "(Although) age may be old, but thoughts and views must be fresh in looking a future," he said.

The thankfull, continued Malik, should always be improved in order to play the role of devotion, faith, and humanity. Moreover, the month of Shawwal as the moon of establishing silaturrahim. Through silaturrahim, said Malik, sustenance will flow much in life.

"UMM have to be supported by gratefulness by all its people, clear vision, sincere friendship, and spirit to give great meaning to the next generation. The next generations can be interpreted as students in the campus environment, or our children in the family," Malik explained.

According to the command of fasting on Surah Al-Baqarah verse 183, Malik affirmed the purpose of fasting was to make man as a devoted creature (taqwa). Taqwa, according to Malik was a noble value within the heart. After a month of fasting, all humans should have one power, in psychology known as inner beauty. In Islam, inner beauty was known asHanif (rightous).

"Taqwa is hanif, spreading the virtue to hold the truth, and always to do the best. For example, in welcoming new students, serve (them) with heart’s power and appear inner beauty that we have," Malik said.

Meanwhile, UMM Rector Fauzan stated that in Islam, after faith was humanity. Therefore, UMM would not tired of developing faith and humanity values. "Qori' who read the holy Al-Quran in the opening is a cleaning service at UMM. It is the way UMM in developing humanity value," Fauzan said.

Living among the dynamic people of the nation and state, UMM continues to  give the best services. Finally, halal bihalal becomes a moment to re-purify inside and outside among the big families of UMM and to make tomorrow as a hope for the new generation.

Halal bihalal ofUniversity of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was held after Idul Fitri holiday, at UMM Dome. This activity was attended by rector, deans of faculties, lecturers, and employees and their own families. In addition to silaturrahim, halal bihalal was also a moment of increasing thankful and readiness to restart activities. (Naz)



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