Malik Fadjar: This Campus is Great because of Inspirations

Author : Humas | Monday, October 29, 2018 12:01 WIB
Prof. H.A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc. (Photo: Aan/PR UMM)

MEMBERS of Presidential Advisory Council of Republic of Indonesia who is the Chairman of University of Muhamamdiyah Malang Daily Development Board (BPH), Prof. H.A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc., on Monday (10/29), injected new energy to UMM lecturers and staff. Malik gave general recitation as a manifestation of Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan at UMM. The activity took place in Senate Meeting Room and BAU Auditorium.

In his presentation, Malik said that the White Campus is great because of the inspiration that was born from him. Malik, the head of the unit, employees, lecturers and the community also had to inspire each other. Giving inspiration, said Malik, could be the presence of inspirational figures, positive action, and inspiring steps.

"This inspiration must be developed in our environment as well as in our family. We also have to foster inspiration. Inspiration grows in the workspace, classrooms, as well as what we live everyday," he said. Thus, UMM Rector for the umpteenth time, received the ASEAN Energy Award 2018 with the category ASEAN Best Practices Competition for Energy Efficient Buildings in the category of Tropical Building.

Many campuses are first great. However, said Malik, his work was small or even no inspiration for the surroundings especially for education. "All structural officials have to provide inspiration, not only in their units, but also at university level, even at a wider level," he said.

"How a unit leader, structural official, lecturer are able to inspire work units and their environment through motivating, being friendly, not selfish, spreading positive energy, and interacting with others," said Malik. Thus, this principle is a manifestation of the UMM’s commitment that has announced, "From Muhammadiyah to the Nation".

Furthermore, an inspector have to be able to read the signs of the times. The meant of reading the signs of the times, said Malik, is he who sees everything optimistically. "For example, when Campus III was built, nobody thought it would be a big campus. They can only say, this land (not strategic, bad land contour, red.) How come it was bought," he said.

The inspiration can arise, continued Malik, if we always think positively or have good prejudice, we will give a love. Because love is what gives a positive commitments. "This campus is great because of rich inspiration. Inspiration gives the imaginations in form of dreams and big thoughts," he concluded. (ard)



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