Night of Art and Cultural Expression of UMM (Maksidaya UMM) Exposing Exoticism of Eastern Indonesian Culture

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 20, 2017 08:24 WIB

The culture of Eastern Indonesia is exotic and multiple diverse. However, those cultures are not totally exposed and get fully attention from people. This is why Cultural institute of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (LK UMM) held eastern Indonesian culture show through Night of Art and Cultural Expression (Maksidaya). (19/5)

The show was held at UMM helipad. The performances which were shown on stage were Soya-soya Sisi dance delivered by 6 students from regional organization (orda) of Ternate, North Maluku. This dance tells about a war in Ternate during colonial era. There is a part of the dance which symbolizes people who are lifting the bodies of war victims and expel the invaders. Besides, Orda Ternate also provided pelita cake, which is a food originally from Ternate.  

A student of Faculty of Agriculture and Husbandry of UMM who also comes from Ternate, Fistiqlal said that Pelita cake brings a history of Ternate. It is made by wheat flour, coconut milk, and brown sugar, and then it is put on bowl-shaped banana leaves. This cake is already familiar for people in Ternate since the era where there were still no lamps (pelita) there. ”At that time, the bowl-shaped banana leaves was used as a pad for a candle to light up houses”.

Not only Orda Ternate, Orda Mataram also joined he show by presenting Gandrung dance, percussion, and pesean action. They also provided original things from Lombok such as puyung rice, woven bag, and songket cloth. Meanwhile, Students Association of South Sulawesi (Ikami Sulsel) presented Mapapenda dance and green banana ice as a special food from South Sulawesi. Besides, Orda Sumbawa also presented Samalewa dance.

Assistant rector of academic, Dr. Budi Suprapto MSi stated, Maksidaya which is a routine program of Cultural Institute (LK) of UMM is very good if it continues to be developed because it became one of the most productive institutions in UMM. It is proved by presenting cultural performances such as Maksidaya.

In the future, Budi hoped that LK began to inventory the cultural values, at least which developed in Malang. "Until now, no one studies about Walikan language in historical or social-cultural dimension. In fact, this language is a special language of Malang. If LK can study further about this Walikan language, it will give historical contribution for Malang society”.

Not only that, Budi also hopes that LK is able to make a documentary of  the various cultures. "So that UMM can become a cultural database in East Java,"

This time, LK collaborated with practicum team of “Palace” public relation of Communication department of UMM. The chief of the agenda who is also the member of practicum team, Rijal Choirudin stated that every regional organization (Orda) will get a placard. This is as an appreciation of the committee to young generation who care about regional cultures. “Culture is a part of the nation. Students who claim themselves as the agents of change do nothing for their nations, it’s nonsense”.

Not only performaces by Orda, Students activity unit (UKM) Photograpy “Focus) of UMM also took a part by holding an exhibition about traditional food. Many traditional food stalls lined in UMM helipad. This event was a held at night before graduation day and it could be an alternative way to entertain the parents who would attend the graduation on Saturday (20/5)

In addition to Orda's appearance, UMM's UMM Photography Photography also showcased the photoshoot of its members about traditional food. Various traditional food stalls also lined the helipad area. Performances held this evening before the graduation can be one alternative entertainment for parents of students who will attend graduation on today (20/5). (Ich / han)



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