Yemeni Descent Student of UMM Glittering in Modeling World

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 04, 2018 15:27 WIB
Born from a family of artists backgrounds, Syarifah Husna Al-Bahsin has a wide range of proud talents. After successfully won the 1st Winner in Putra Putra Batik Final event held in Malang on March 17th, she now won 3rd place in Grand Final of Enchantment of Batik Nusantara Performed by Ministry of Tourism in Jakarta as Malang representative.
Syarifah, student of Islamic Economic Studies Program University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), is talented model, dancer, singer and also playing guitar.
"At first, I wanted to join dance competition. It was 5th grade elementary school. At the same location, there was also a modeling. When I wanted to list dance, I was directed by the committee to follow modeling. Starting from this, I won the first place, and it made me interested in the world of modeling," said the girl born in Banda Aceh May 22, 1999.
Sharing the struggle in his career, Syarifah confess that modeling world is hard. In addition, the competition is also very high.
Therefore Syarifah advised, for those who want to pursue modeling world should always hold the principle and remain cautious in order to not be captivated by the offer that allow us to do things that are not right, such as taking off hijab.
 "Whatever the obstacles we have, stay ahead to achieve what we want, but also still must be introspective," said the girl who is Yemeni descent.
Running in the world of modeling for long time makes Syarifah learns a lot about the life of cat walk. She expects to have their own agency model.
"In order to share and teach experiences to others," she hoped. (ard)


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