UMM Students Change the Old Wall into Historical Educational Media

Author : Humas | Monday, January 21, 2019 08:51 WIB
The process of mural work. (Photo: Special)

Gresik had various potentials that need to be explored. One of them was in the historical aspect. The Communication Sciences Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) through the Public Relations III practicum which collaborated with the Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM) of Pekelingan Sejahtera Gresik changed the old wall become a mural with a distinctive pattern of Damar Kurung, Friday (18/1).

Damar Kurung was one of the icons of Gresik that had its own meaning in every picture of its field. The mural action was held by the Garda PR Group that was done in the Kemasan Village, Nyai Ajeng Arem-Arem Street, Pekelingan Urban Village. "Historical education for the younger generation is needed so that culture and history remain preserved," said PR Guard coordinator Alifia Setya.

Kemasan Village as a heritage tourism destination that was often visited by tourists to take pictures had values that need to be explored and maintained. "Historical education related to Kemasan Village has been minimal. Therefore, we use wall mural media with a distinctive Damar Kurung pattern that told the history of Kemasan Village, "Alifia said.

Kemasan Village was known from a typical architectural style of mixed Chinese, Europeanand the East that kept the history of the glory of Gresik at that time. Unfortunately, continued the student who in 7th semester, few tourists knew the history of Gresik, especially the Kemasan Village. Because of this reason, Students of Communication Science was interested in working on destination branding in Kemasan Village.

The collaboration program of Communication Science with BKM 79 Gresik Subdistrict was previously successful at the Discover Gresik program launch event. This program aimed to bring out the potential of 5 regions through the Gresik Badhogan and Culture Festival on December 29, 2018. In addition, a drawing and colouring competition was also held which was attended by elementary students in Gresik City.

"Old buildings that have distinctive features and unique architectural styles can be the only one in Indonesia and even the world. We will work on this potential through programs that we have compiled. The program that we compile will be sustainable and can be enjoyed by tourists. Of course, it is also expected to improve the economic level of the community," he explained.

For Pekelingan Village, this action was one of the big breakthroughs to build the potential through destination branding. "We feel grateful for the arrival of Communication Science students who want to help build Pekelingan Village. Hopefully, many tourists know about Kemasan Village," said Muslik, Pekelingan Village Chief.

Through this Innovation, it was expected that residents will be able to create more attractive innovations for the Pekelingan Village in the future so that public welfare can be achieved. "Sometimes what we do cannot be harvested now, but there will be times when we receive what we have done satisfactorily," said Mualim, the Chairman of the Pekelingan BKM. (Win)



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