UMM Students Discover an Anti-Aging Gel from Watermelon Rind

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:19 WIB
The making process in the laboratory. (Photo: Special)

Aging is a worrying process that avoided by some people, especially for women. For that reason, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) students discover a formula in the form of an anti-dull watermelon rind (Citrullus lanatus) gel.


Adhea Fajarina Nugraheni with Vika Amelia Safitri and Kiki Vergianti Ayuningtyas is the finder. This invention was advised by Siti Rofida, S.Si., M.Farm., Apt. This finding was registered in the Student Creativity Program – Research (PKM-P) and pass the funding stage for Rp12.500.000, - from Ristekdikti

Ardhea as the coordinator said, as we get older, the skin will age. One possible solution that can be done is by preventing and slowing down the aging process that considered worrying.

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"One of the ways to preventing anti-aging actions is using cosmetics from natural ingredients which contain lots of lycopene and anthocyanin compounds that functioning in the skin rejuvenation," said Ardhea.

Not just lycopene, he continued, the use of watermelon skin was considered capable of closing open pores on the face and capturing free radicals caused by the exposure of sunlight and pollution. “Both benefits are one of the factors that trigger the premature aging,” Ardhea said.

"Usually people will only eat the watermelon meat, while the skin is removed. For that reason, we want to utilize the waste of skin as an active cosmetic ingredient that can overcome waste and increase the value,” Ardhea continued.

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As the advisor Siti Rofida said, this three pharmacy department students’ research was done in 5 months with the steps as follows: preparation of fruit skin extraction test material, the making of anti-dull gel, physical quality testing and theantioxidant gel activity testing

 “We wish that after the research, we can publish the result of the research in the form of national seminar and potential to be patented. It can also be a motivation to other students to do another invention,” said Siti (2/6). (joh)



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