UMM Students Design Optimization Tools for Sugar Cane Harvesting Systems

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 19, 2020 14:16 WIB
Student Creativity Program for Student Karsa-Cipta Program (PKM-KC) from UMM
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THE MINIMUM application of technology in agricultural activities, especially sugarcane farming, is an obstacle to productivity. Departing from there, a group of students from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) from various majors had an innovation in agriculture by designing a tool to optimize the productivity of harvesting and slashing and transporting by sugarcane farmers. This tool is named the Magic Machine Sugar Cane.

The tool registered for the Student Creativity Program- Karsa Cipta (PKM-KC) has managed to get funding from the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud RI). The members of this group consist of Moch. Noor Fajar Rohmatullah, Moh. Miftachul Fadhil, and Retno Muji Rahayu.

"With Magic Machine Sugar Cane, farmers can optimize the number of workers for other agricultural activities. The Magic Machine Sugar Cane implementation only requires three workers to facilitate the sugarcane harvesting process. The labor activities required include one machine operator and two land controllers, ”explained Moch. Noor Fajar Rohmatullah, as the team leader who is a student of the Industrial Engineering Study Program.

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So far, the mobilization of the slash and haul process has been carried out by loading the cut sugarcane into trucks to be taken to the factory. The trucks used have a capacity of 6-8 or 10-12 tons. Only a small portion of the cane that is milled in a sugar factory will become sugar. If one Kw of sugarcane has a yield of 10%, then only 10 kg of sugar is obtained from one Kw of sugarcane.

This data is the reference for this group to find solutions to problems in the concept of optimizing the delivery of the harvest to the factory produced by Magic Machine Sugar Cane, namely by sending the harvested sugarcane in liquid or sap to optimize the volume of the shipment.

The working mechanism is the first, the process of cutting sugarcane leaves, which are carryout on the part of the tool that protrudes forward to separate the cane stalks from the leaves. Second, the process of cutting sugar cane at the bottom. This process serves to separate the roots from the stems in the sugarcane harvesting process. Third, the milling or milling process is carryout out by two milling components to maximize the resulting process of sap. 
Sugar Cane Magic Machine is a tool to optimize the productivity of harvested and transported cutting by sugarcane farmers
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"The bagasse that has been finished from the milking process will come out through the chimney with the help of a conveyor. Meanwhile, the sap that has been separated from the bagasse will go through a filtering stage to separate the part of the bagasse that is still involved in the sap. After going through the filtering stage, the sap will be stored in a special tube with a temperature of 10º so that the quality of the sap is guaranteed, ”explained Fajar, Thursday (19/11).

Magic Machine Sugar Cane is design with a height of 2.5 meters and a width of 2.5 meters with a length of 3 meters. The machine makes it easier for operators to run the engine and adapt it to the conditions of existing sugarcane fields. The Magic Machine Sugar Cane series has the main driving force, namely diesel. The tuner can move several engine components, including the cane carrier, the cuter cane, and the rolling roll. (apg/Can)



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