UMM Students Achieve Millions Omzet from Sambal business

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 16, 2018 13:55 WIB
The effort of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to enrich the entrepreunership spirit of its students through UMM Program Pasti  (Must pass 4 Years, Must Work and Must be Independent) slowly continues to bear fruit. Setting up a step as a printer for young entrepreneurs, the white campus succeeded in spreading the entrepreunership virus among its students, Majid Abdul Azis.
Agribusiness student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) develops innovation of packing sauce. It was opened on April 20 last, his chili sauce business has launched 4 flavor variants. "There is an original plow sauce, petai, anchovy and lung," said this 6th semester student.
The idea of ​​developing a sauce business arose was started when he saw his older sister loves to cook. From there, Majid summons his nickname, eager to innovate the ingredients his brother used. "Because my sister loves to cook, I am motivated to make a breakthrough from the ingredients my brother used," he said.
Lung selection as one of sambal ingredients is not without reason. According to Majid, basic ingredients such as beef and liver are widely used. While the lung organ is often not utilized.
Majid also said, since the opening of his business always rely on the existence of social media as a means of promotion. "So far, we use instagram and facebook," he said.
Assisted by his brother, Majid routinely prepares a stock of 30 bottles sambal each variant every three days. In addition to meet the needs of sales, it was done to keep the quality of sauce sold. "Because the sauce only lasted 3 days, so we always prepare new stock three days once and alhamdulillah before expiration of the stock is definitely out," he said happy.
The products he sold pegged the price of Rp 15.000/bottle for original plow sauce, banana and anchovy. As for the lung sauce, he prepared 3 sizes, M, S, and Ss which are sold for Rp 15.000-Rp 30.000/bottle. In his loyal month, Majid produces no fewer than 300 bottles of sauce. although not much indirectly, this number continues to increase.
"We've already turned in. Some of our profits are turning again for promotional capital," he added.
Before opening a sauce business, Majid admitted that he had tried enough to open a business. Starting from the business of oyster mushrooms, e-commerce, fried foods, and sugar cane juice. His interest in the business world began when he was inspired after watching a Thai film, Top The Billioner.
"2016 I started that first business oyster needle, but because after two years it finally hurt me, so I do not continue," he said.
He hopes, this time the business pioneered can continue to grow and reach up to the wider market sales. In addition to sambal packaging, he also recently opened a sugarcane juice business located at Jalan Dermo, Malang.


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