UMM Student Gets Runner-up In Indonesia Robot Contest

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 12, 2017 11:53 WIB

ROBOT team of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) came back with an achievement. Currently, three students of Electrical Engineering Department UMM, namely Imam Hanafi, Abdul Syukron, and Alfan Achmadillah Fauzi have succeeded in winning the Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) of Fire Robot category, which was held at Indonesia University of Education (UPI) on July 8-9, 2017.

UMM robot was named Dome became runner-up due to some of advantages. A field supervisor who was also a lecturer of Electrical Engineering UMM Khusnul Hidayat stated that the UMM robot has an excess in speed and mapping. The Dome  Robot is the (second) highest speed in Indonesia after ITS. In addition, in terms of mapping, the Dome robot also has not confusion experience in mapping arena, recognize the room, walk to find hotspot, even return to the starting point," said Khusnul when met in front of UMM Robotics Workshop.

Although, there were some things to become an evaluation of the Dome robot. Currently, the accuracy of the Dome robot in spraying water to the hotspot which was not been completely straight. There was approximately 20 degrees of slope. The Dome robot currently used a small nozzle. "Its excess, water coming out through nozzle hole is not too much, so if the fire not extinguish yet, then the water supply can be longer," Khusnul explained.

Fire suppression and spraying systems would also be evaluated. In the Dome robot, the used-thing as a fire extinguisher was water. According to KRI regulations, there were two things that allowed in extinguishing fire, namely water and gas. This rule was slightly different from last year that allowed wind as fire extinguisher. "Last year, we used wind as a fire extinguisher. This year, the Dome robot try to use water. So, more evaluation are needed," Alfan explained.

The Dome robot took 23 seconds in the first session to find the hotspot and extinguish it and 80 seconds in the second session. In the third session, UMM failed to extinguish the fire. According to Khusnul, this was caused by a different used candle during practice. "The structure is different, its axis is also harder, color looks more transparent compared to usual candle. This is what we did not predict," Khusnul said.

The difference points that achieved by UMM was not much different compared to what was obtained by Electronic Engineering Polytechnic of Surabaya (PENS) as the first winner just around 0.8. One of the member of the UMM robot team, Alfan said that UMM has succeed in extinguishing  fire in the first and second sessions. "In the second session, the difference points between UMM and PENS is only 0.8. But in the third session, UMM did not succeed in extinguishing fire. This is our evaluation," Alfan explained.

The Dome robot has dimensions 27 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 26 cm in height with 50 ml water capacity. This dimension made the robot Dome as the robot with the smallest size compared to other campuses robots. In the future, there would be the possibility of the Dome robot would change its nozzle size and change its extinguisher by using gas. "We will consider because there are weaknesses and advantages. Its Excess by using gas because able to extinguish the fire from distance, reaching 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, if the size of nozzle too big, the water will quickly run out," Khusnul said. (Naz)



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