UMM Students Achieve Best Paper in Hokkaido Japan Paper Event

Author : Humas | Wednesday, March 20, 2019 15:02 WIB
UMM Team receive the Best Paper certificate. (Photo: Special)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) students paper team achieve Best Paper in the Hokkaido Indonesian Student Association Scientific Meeting 16th event in Hokkaido University, Japan (16-17/3). A paper competition that organized by Indonesian Student Association in Hokkaido (PPI-H) picking up “Integrated Science for Improving Disaster Risk Management in Indonesia” as the main issue.

This International Indonesian student’s event was attended by 420 writers and 150 papers. It is also attended by other Indonesian campuses, such as UGM, ITB, and UI. UMM become the only representation of the private campus. In selection phase, UMM team selected as the best 41 paper. The participant were divided into 4 cluster. It only took 2 category in each cluster which is Best Paper and Best Presenter.

UMM team took the Agriculture and the Food Security. It is Moh. Baihaki and Siti Agus Tina from Agro-technology, and Intar Yuan Anindita from English Language Education Department that point a title “The Natural Potency of Phytohormone as the Stimulant Substance Natural Growth in Plants”. “UMM becomes the Best Paper. While ITB becomes the Best Presenter,” said Intar as the paper presenter.

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Intar explained that, Indonesia has wealth of good natural resources. But when a disaster occurs, this incident will be a harm most of the farmer profession population. Damaged land and the farmer will lost their livelihood. “Natural phytohormone stimulation that given to the dragon fruit plant helps in anticipating the bad long-term effect,” she said.

 “We took a dragon fruit sample because it can be planted in a sandy, gravel, normal until a rocky land. This is suitable with the disaster affected land. Additionally, dragon fruit contains lots of nutrients. It is very suitable with a natural additional phytohormone, the acceleration of growing plants,” said the 2015 class students.

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At least there are 2 kinds of phytohormone, which are synthetic and natural phytohormone. Natural phytohormone, as Intar said, are way safer because of the main organic ingredient and suitable with plantation. Whilst synthetic phytohormone are way more dangerous because the use of chemical materials from the factory and has a bad impact in the future. The use of natural phytohormone helps the farmer to be ready in facing up all possibilities.

“At first we were pessimistic. Because from last year experience who join the event is from the famous universities. But we were always motivated by our lecturers, don’t be pessimistic and don’t make an impossible tought to the other famous universities. Because everything is equal. Alhamdulillah, with maximum effort and sacrifising our holiday, we can achieve this title we can proud of,” she concluded. (Joh)



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