UMM Students Showed Traditional Dances at Tong Tong Fair in the Netherlands

Author : Humas | Tuesday, June 12, 2018 13:05 WIB
Venska bangga performed Indonesia culture at Tong Tong Fair, Netherland

Indonesia is well known as an archipelago country rich in culture. The number of cultures need to be preserved primarily through the younger generation as the nation's successor. For example, Venska Natasha Olivia, a student of Faculty of Law University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FH UMM) became one of the representatives of Indonesian Culture Ambassador in the Netherlands to her achievements as Runner Up Roro in the election of Joko Roro Malang Regency in 2018.


In the event entitled Tong Tong Fair 2018 which took place in The Hague on (22 / 5-3 / 6), Venska had the opportunity to show off along with four other colleagues which is Joko Roro Malang Regency. They performed traditional Indonesian dances especially those from East Java such as Malangan Rancak Dance, Remo Dance, Bapang Topeng Dance and Dance Gading Alit.


"When dancing on the stage watched by foreigners makes me proud, enthusiastic response from them makes me excited to show my best," he said proudly on Tuesday (12/6).


During one week (22-27 / 5), Venska and other representatives not only showcase Indonesian cultures through dance. They also opened a cultural booth that sells various types of batik cloth malangan and unique culinary that cannot be found in the Netherlands.


"Because during the festival, we wear traditional clothing complete with makeup and bun for women, many Dutch citizens are attracted and asked for a photo together," he explained.


According to her, through this cultural festival many Indonesian people living in the Netherlands can be nostalgic with the atmosphere of Indonesia, especially through the food served. In addition, the Dutch people can see how diverse the country's largest culture of the world's largest.


"Not only Indonesians enjoy the festival, but also many Dutch people are interested to know more about our culture," he added.


Coach of Putra-Putri Campus University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Shinta Ayu Purnamawati, S.H, M. H, admitted proud of what is achieved by this student. "Hopefully, this can trigger other students and young people in general to be able to participate in showing talent while promoting and preserving the nation's culture," he explained.


Tong Tong Fair is a festival for Indonesian culture that was held by Tong Tong Foundation. The festival is held annually in Netherlands and this year is the 60th. This festival was held as a form of expression of Indies culture, as a form of celebration of the success of Indonesian migration to the Netherlands.





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