UMM Students Exhibited Hundreds of Technology-Based Business Innovation Works

Author : Humas | Monday, December 23, 2019 10:47 WIB
Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin while reviewing one of the exhibition booths. (Photo: Special)

A total of 137 tenants participated in the exhibition of business and technology innovation Young Tech Expo 2019 Informatics Department Faculty of Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). They were students in the 3rd and 5th semester who had innovations that were implemented in the form of innovative products, services, to new prototypes. Held at the UMM Engineering Canteen, Saturday (12/21) morning.

The interesting one was a health application called SIPINO, a drug information translator system that only scanned packaging images. Android-based application made by Oktario Aldila Fachri, Kharisma Muzaki Ghufron, and Rahmah Hutami Ramadhani was created to support the health literacy community, specifically knowing the usage direction, effects and composition of drugs.

Oktario explained, health literacy was generally associated with the ability to read and understand medical prescription. While the results of their research found that the level of public health literacy in Indonesia was still low. With a low level of health literacy, people tended to indiscriminately consume drugs without knowing the effects that would be caused.

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One of the seminar presenters. (Photo: Special)

"To support the improvement of health literacy and products related to medicines in Indonesia, it can be done by delivering information easily and quickly using information that has been obtained through the official website of the state institution, namely the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency. Our application makes it easy, ”Oktario said when interviewed at his group booth.

No less sophisticated technology made by Billy Aprilio, Yasril Imam and Ulfah Nur Oktaviana, the Integrated Forest Fire Management System or intelligent system that utilized Artificial Intelligence that was used to detect forest fires. "The way this system works is by utilizing the LM35 sensor and the Flame sensor using Artificial Intelligence as a data processor," said Billy.

Inputted that was obtained from this system were temperature and flame. "When there is a fire, the sensor will detect it automatically. Furthermore, the system will give an order to pump water to be sprayed to the point of fire. Where water is obtained from making dew water reservoirs using dew harvesting technology that was using nets or Fog Harvesting.

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This exhibition was from the combination 4 courses namely Technology-Based Entrepreneurship, Scientific Writing, Ethics and Profession, and Artificial Intelligence. Besides the exhibition, the seminar also included 2 speakers, Nur Putri Hidayah who presented "How to Create a Labour Contract" material and Arini Rahmawati R., who presented "How do People Work Remotely".

UMM Deputy Rector I Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si said that this exhibition was a learning model at UMM. Learning did not need to be in the classroom, but also directly involved in solving problems related to the lives of many people. "What is done today, part of preparing early to enter a competition in the business world and industry," he said when attending the exhibition. (win)



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