UMM Students Processed Plastic Waste into Paving Blocks

Author : Humas | Friday, August 16, 2019 09:26 WIB
Photo of UMM Student Community Service Program 49 while holding his paving block. (Photo: Special)

Plastic waste was an environmental problem facing the people of Indonesia and the world. The use of plastic products that were not environmentally friendly caused various serious environmental problems. For this reason, students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) of East Java processed the plastic waste into paving blocks or conblock.

The plastic waste processing was conducted by students of the Community Service Program 49 (KKN) of economic division in the Kemiri Village, Kepanjen District, Malang Regency, East Java. The plastic processing activities were carried out by the students together with the community and village officials, Friday (9/8).

"A large amount of plastic waste scattered around in the Kemiri Village environment can damage the village's environmental ecosystem. That is the main reason for UMN KKN 49 students to trigger an excellent program to process plastic waste into a paving block innovation, "said Chairman of the KKN 49 Economic Division of UMM, Arief Elfandi.

The UMM Faculty of Economics and Business student added that besides being an alternative solution to decompose plastic waste, the activity was expected to be able to be an additional source of income for the village community and become a Kemiri Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDES).

In the same place, students of the Community Service Program 49 Economic Division, Adil Abdul Hakim added, to produce 1 piece of paving block, 1 kg of plastic waste was needed to mix with 1 kg of sand, then mixed with used oil.

"Cook the oil until it boils, then put the waste plastic waste into the furnace with hot oil. Then, if it has melted all, put it into the sand then stir it until it blends, "said Adil Abdul Hakim.

Furthermore, the UMM Faculty of Informatics Engineering student continued, put the mixing of plastic and oil into a paving block mould.

"We are very happy because we can share this paving block processing technique, moreover we also received enthusiastic support from the RT Heads and RW Heads of Kemiri Village, Kemiri village officials, TPST (Final Waste Disposal) officials, DLH (Environmental Services) Kepanjen Malang, and the supervisor lecturer Mrs. Ririn, "explained Adil Abdul Hakim again.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Kemiri Village, Wijiati said, her party thanked the UMM KKN 49 students for having presented innovations in processing plastic waste and used oil to the village officials.

"I am very happy and thankful for this innovative idea of processing plastic waste into paving blocks, which is homework for all of us. And I hope that in the future this garbage can become blessing rubbish or even rupiah rubbish that can increase income for the people of Kemiri Village, for marketing it may be assisted by BUMDES later, "said Wijiati. (Win)



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