UMM Students Introduced Variants of Delicious, Nutritious, Rich Tempe Processing

Author : Humas | Monday, March 04, 2019 11:07 WIB
The excitement of the students received cakes made from tempeh. (Photo: Special)

Until now, there were still many cases of children dying from malnutrition. This case occurred in almost all regions in Indonesia. The commemoration of the National Nutrition Day on February 28 was an important moment to solve the problem of malnutrition and carry out a comprehensive resolution strategy.

Coinciding with this National Nutrition Day, the practicum group of Public Relations Prospero Communication Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held the 30th roadshow of elementary schools in Malang to introduce a variety of delicious foods that contained lots of nutrients.

This roadshow was a series of events towards the launch of Kampung Hijau Tempenosaurus in Beji Village, Batu City, which will be held in March. This roadshow was also to introduce various kinds of processed raw materials from tempeh like ice cream pot tempeh, tempeh pudding, and so on.

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The innovation of various variants of healthy food made from tempeh had its own appeal for children who rarely consumed healthy snacks. "The hope is that children prefer nutritious foods such as tempeh and other healthy foods," said Nuraini as homeroom teacher 1A SD-Oro-Oro Ombo 02, Batu City.

Students also said that they were happy with the presence of UMM Communication Science Department students. According to Doni Setiawan, a grade 1st student, he admitted that the roadshow was exciting because it was interesting to play interesting videos about healthy eating. Moreover, the distribution of tempeh sticks which are now recognized to be his favourite healthy food.

This roadshow was holding as long as five days. It started on February 25 until March 1, 2019. The main target of this roadshow activity was the 1st grade of elementary school students. "The goal is to instil a culture of eating healthy and nutritious foods from an early age," said Sherly as the head of the UMM Communication Science Prospero group.

Some of the schools visited were SDN Ardirejo 01 Kepanjen, Landungsari SDN 02, and SD-Oro-Oro Ombo 02 Batu. At the Oro-Oro Ombo 02 Elementary School the activities were divided into three classes, with a total of 70 students. This action was considered effective to increase children's knowledge about nutritious food. (Win)



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