UMM Students Captured Business Opportunities in Various Fields

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 08, 2018 12:30 WIB

Being part of Z Generation (Gen Z) requires young people to many challenges. One of them is profession. Currently, Gen Z prefer to profession that they build without making them an employee. In addition, Gen Z also prefer to work related to their passion with the obstacles they will face.

Based on this development, Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) confidently made UMM PASTI program, which must pass four years, must work, and must independently. The conviction that UMM students can reach UMM PASTI program is delivered by Fauzan at the opening of Entrepreneurship Lecturer Training.

"I am sure that UMM PASTI can be run well. There will be no UMM students who do not work after graduating," said Fauzan.

Before UMM PASTI granded, many UMM students have done entrepreneurship with various reasons. One of them is to have more money and add experience.

For example, UMM Mechanical Engineering alumni, Muhammad Aripin, has been awarded many national awards. Because of Creative and Smart House Foundation he founded in 2014, Aripin currently has 85 targeted children, 21 persons have even had their own business and four have successfully continued to college. He also received awards for three consecutive years, namely The Award of National Youth Pioneer in the Field of Education, Creative Entrepreneurship in One Indonesia Award, and National Achievement Foundation.

"I remembered mother's will when setting up the foundation. This is the time for me to repay all the good that my mother gave to me by doing good to others," he recalled his mother who had passed away at Eid al-Adha 2015.

What is done by Arifin was different from Nasihudin Cahya, Awang Ristanto, and Helmi Mahendra. For those three, entrepreneurship is a way to connect their love to coffee. According to Awang, his business idea was began when he and Cahya saw an opportunity in coffee business.

"Cahya and I used to like coffee. Initially, from participating and learning to make coffee with friends, then we discuss to open it," said student of Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry UMM.

After preparing for entrepreneurship, Awang and his two friends got Cahya’s becak as a place to sell with the name Becak Kopi Keliling (Becak Koling).

"This pedicab is owned by Cahya who had a business first," said Awang.

Barriers to entrepreneurs who started everything from personal pockets did not dampen the spirit of the three UMM students in Malang. Helmi mentioned that, at the beginning they open no one bought. However, because of the intentions and they feel happy to undergo these activities, it becomes shriek spirit for the three of them.

"I was ever rained hard and there was no bought," said Indonesian Education students.

Helmi also said that the most important of this entrepreneurship is persistent, tenacious, and spirit.

"Entrepreneurship is more comfortable starting from zero. If it is from the bottom it can train intentions of persistence, persistence, and tenacity as well," said Helmi.

Awang also added that the turnover earned each month is also a form of spirit for these three students. In addition to improve turnover business systems, it is also evidence of seriousness in entrepreneurship.

"Early turnover earned was small, but now it is starting to stabilize. This makes us more spirit," said Awang.

As a beginner entrepreneur, these three students claimed to be smart in managing the profits gained because they want this year to have a personal land that can be used for fixed sales and does not have to move if the rain comes.

"The profit obtained is to buy new tools. Now, we expect that this year could have land. Although small but it is important to settle," said Helmi.

Being a student and entrepreneur is not taboo anymore. In this modern era, everyone must know the opportunities that can be taken. For Helmi who is a student of Indonesian Language Education Studies Program, business which relevant to the majors is not very promising.

"It would be good to seek experience in other fields," said this bespectacled student. (ard)



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