UMM Students are Cautiously Capturing Opportunities in Various Business Sectors

Author : Humas | Friday, March 09, 2018 17:11 WIB
Unik: Berangkat dari kecintaan pada kopi, tiga mahasiswa UMM menghadirkan Becak Koling (Becak Kopi Keliling). (Foto: Beni).

Have you ever heard of Z generations? Z generations are those who were born in the 1990s until the 2000s. Being part of Z generations (Gen Z) requires young people to be ready in facing many challenges; one of them is about profession. Currently, Gen Z is more glance at the profession that they build themselves and averse to be employees. They also prefer to work according to their passion.

Seeing this development, the Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Mr. Fauzan, confidently sparks the UMM PASTI (UMMSURELY) program, which is SURELY pass four years, SURELY work, and SURELY being independent. He is sure that this program will guarantee UMM graduates to be independent ones.

"I am sure that UMM PASTI will be run well, there will be no UMM students who do not work after graduating from here," said Mr. Fauzan on the Entrepreneurship Lecturer Training.

Long before UMM PASTI was echoed, UMM students and alumni have been involved in entrepreneurship field with various backgrounds that can make them making some money, experiencing things, and empowering society. For example, like what Muhammad Aripin did.

He, as one of the alumni of Mechanical Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty of UMM, has been rewarded by many national awards because of his efforts to revive the creative industry. Creative and Smart House Foundation which he built in 2014 and it has already had 85 children; 21 of them even have their own business and 4 others have gone on to study. He was also rewarded by three consecutive years, namely at the event of awarding the National Youth Pioneer in the Field of Education, Creative Entrepreneurship in the event One Indonesia Award, and the National Achievement Foundation.

"I remember my mother's will when she was setting up the foundation. Now, it is the time for me to repay all the kindness that she gave me by being kind to others." He recalled hisdeceased mother.

However, what he did was different with what Nasihudin Cahya, Awang Ristanto, and Helmi Mahendra did. Three of them argued that entrepreneurship is a way to channel their love for coffee.

"At first, Cahya and I like to have coffee. Then together with the other friends, we learnt how to make it ourselves. After that, we came up with the idea to open and own a coffee shop.”Argued the student of Animal Husbandry Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Faculty of UMM.

After preparing themselves to be entrepreneurs, Awang and his two friends used Cahya’s pedicab as a tool to sell coffee by calling the brand "Becak Koling" which is an abbreviation of Becak Kopi Keliling (Travelled Pedicab Coffee).

"The pedicab belongs to Cahya who has alraeady run a business first," said Awang.

Although they ran the business by using their personal funds, it did not make them discouraged. Helmi mentioned that when they started the business at the first time, there was no buyer at all. Instead of being frustrated, the problem was actually a shrill spirit for them.

"Once we arrived in the location, it continued to rain and there was no one bought," said the student of Indonesian Language Education and Literature (PBSI).

Even though just selling coffee, Awang admitted that the income in every month was pretty good. All of them even had a target to have their own space for shop. Thus, they did not have to move around, especially when the rain came.

"The income is used to buy new tools and if possible, this year, we need to have our own space for the shop although it is small," Helmi hoped.

Being student and entrepreneur at the same time is not taboo anymore. In this modern era, each person must be aware of the opportunities that can be taken. For Helmi, who is a student, a business does not always have to be relevant to the college majors taken.

"There is no wrong to seek experience in other fields," said Helmi.

The Head of Department of Indonesian Language Education and Literature of UMM, Mrs. Sugiarti, conveys that in harmony with UMM PASTI, PBSI has subjects of entrepreneurship in literature and entrepreneurship language. In addition, it also conducts mapping of student interest. For students who have interests outside the field of department, they can work together with cross-department and cross-faculty.

"If the students have the skills in the physical field, we will also find the resources for them," she added.

Responding to the business of Becak Koling, Mrs. Sugiarti claimed to be proud. She even gave advices to expand the business more widely, including embracing and cooperating with other parties, for example, to haveastand at an event. They can also open mini forums when selling the coffee around campus such as literature coffee, linguistic coffee.

"This will create an academic atmosphere in which there are creative and recreational aspects, so the transfer of knowledge does not only occur formally but also informally," she concluded. (ard)



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