UMM Students Became Friends to Play and Learn Foreigners

Author : Humas | Monday, February 11, 2019 15:06 WIB
Illustration. (Photo: Rino / PR)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) students through Indonesian Language teaching institutions for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) had the opportunity to interact directly with foreigners. Not only being a playmate, but these UMM students also became tutors to teach them Indonesian culture and language.

This time foreign students who are accompanied through the Sahabat BIPA program were student exchange students from Thailand who were taking Government Science courses. "They will study intensively for one month," said Faizin, M.Pd. as Head of BIPA Program and Development Division.

The method used by Sahabat BIPA was not the beginning of teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Not infrequently so that the lessons were more attached, they usually took a walk together, hang out at the cafe while practising the theory through conversations in Indonesian. This method was considered effective to strengthen the understanding of foreign students.

Those who became tutors in the Sahabat BIPA program were students from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department (PBSI). "They have previously been provided with BIPA courses. So through this program, they can apply the theories that have been obtained in class, "said Faizin when met on Saturday (9/1).

"These foreign students are grouped based on their knowledge of Indonesian. Some have studied. There are also those who have never studied at all. Tutors behave as if they were friends besides giving linguistic insight so that it feels good, "concluded Faizin.

"Hopefully those who become tutors now are also interested in becoming BIPA teaching staff throughout the world. This program is held annually by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. Some of the BIPA UMM tutors have already left for several countries in Europe, "Faizin said.

Besides Thai students, BIPA UMM also recently received 3 South Korean citizens to learn the Indonesian language and culture. They were Kim Boong Hee, Professor of Economics, Jung Sung Soon, professor of English and Nam Kwak Hong, a senior official. They claimed to love learning at BIPA UMM.

Before arriving at UMM, they had already studied Indonesian for 3 months with the Korean Muslim Federation. "We studied for three months. Indonesian is very difficult, but we like it, "said Jung Sung Soon accompanied by laughter. They also, admitted Jung, had been able to memorize various numbers, names of days, months and years. (Win)



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