UMM students initiated the Sunggreng Floating Market Festival

Author : Humas | Friday, July 26, 2019 09:29 WIB
Meeting with villagers. (Photo: Special)

The momentum of the Community Service Program (KKN) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was usually used to develop the local potential for example which was conducted by UMM KKN 120 Group in Malang Regency especially in Senggreng Village, Sumberpucung District.

Senggreng Village had natural tourism potential that can be developed which was Lake Kromoleo. One of them was pushed through the "Senggreng Floating Market Festival". The Floating Market Festival was an activity in the form of a traditional floating market.

Muhammad Luthfi Kurniawan, the chief of KKN 120 UMM explained that this activity would become a gate for potentials in Senggreng Village later. Hope that this agenda can be sustainable and can boost the economy of the community.

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"Senggreng Village has tourism place potential in the cultural and natural fields, especially in the water sector. With this wealth, we will show the overall wealth in Senggreng in one of the festival's activities. "Lutfi said (18/7).

It was scheduled that the Senggreng Floating Market Festival will be held on August 4, 2019. The festival carried the theme "The Past Economy". Sutopo as the PJ Head of Senggreng Village hoped that the people of Senggreng Village will participate in the festival.

"We really appreciate the initiation of UMM students to make the Senggreng Village Floating Market. This is expected to be able to improve the economy of the community. Outside tourists are expected to participate in the form of a series of festival activities," said Sutopo.

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This event will be accompanied by the strains of gamelan music as a reinforcement of Javanese nuances. On the other hand, there were also trade booth on the boat starting from typical food, traditional drinks, fishery products, crafts, and other Senggreng natural resources.

The empowerment project accompanied by Ilyan Nuryasin, S.Kom, M.Kom as the guide lecturer at UMM KKN 120 field will also be enlivened by Senggreng Traditional Mask Dance, Kroncong singing and several traditional cultural performances. (Win)



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