UMM Students Are Expected to Have Energy Consciousness

Author : Humas | Friday, September 15, 2017 13:38 WIB

Dean of Faculty of Engineering UMM Sudarman with General Secretary of General Directorate of Oil and Gas Susyanto.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FT UMM) Ir Sudarman MT stated that, the production and consumption of energy that is unbalanced in Indonesia make FT UMM demands the students to have energy consciousness by contributing in new renewable energy development.

On “Oil and Gas (Migas) Goes to Campus” event which was held by General Directorate Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources at UMM on Friday (15/9), Sudarman said, "UMM students have to care about our oil and gas reserves. Since 2007, Faculty of Engineering of UMM pushed the students to develop renewable energy.”

Until now, UMM has developed new renewable energy in water and micro hydro. "So far,We develop water and micro hydro. We have not developed wind and oil and gas yet,"

Besides, UMM also developedphotovoltaic to support lighting in UMM area. This development can supply the needs of UMM Electricity up to 20 percent in 30 units. If it converted into rupiah, it is about twenty to fifty millions rupiah per month. “ It is equivalent with 200 kwh or 200 houses”.

In the future, UMM plans to develop other energy, one of which is the closest of vegetable oil from castor oil which is a follow-up of the development that had started in 2007. Sudarman said, "It will be developed under the microbiology laboratory and collaborate with Faculty of Engineering," .

General Secretary of Oil and Gas EMD Susyanto SH MHum stated that, this “Migas Goes to Campus” activity is aimed to provide understanding and knowledge to the academic community on the ministry's programs in the oil and gas sector. It is also as a medium to get bright ideas from students and academic community about discovery of new and renewable energy.

According to Susyanto, in the 90s, oil and gas commodities were the second contributor after taxes. Now, this result is decreasing. Indonesia can no longer depend on oil and gas as a commodity for state revenues. In 2021, it is predicted that oil and gas sector still dominate the percentage of state income. While in 2015, oil and gas sector only be used by 22 percent from the previous use of 24.29 percent.

Indonesia is known as a country that has oil and gas resources. Currently, Susyanto said that the production of oil and gas is 820 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). On the other side, the consumption of oil and gas is 1.6 millions BPOD. Meanwhile, the consumption of oil and gas increases 3 percent per year. So, to fulfill the need of oil and gas, Indonesia still imports oil and gas up to 780 BPOD.

"If there is no discovery of new oil and gas potential, the projection of oil production up to 2050 will continue to decline. Therefore, The ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources dreams that in 2025, we should be self-sufficient in oil and gas and do not need to import anymore, ". (lus)



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