UMM Students Set Up Creative Homes Based on Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Author : Humas | Thursday, June 27, 2019 10:29 WIB
Some books on the collection of Creative Readings House. (Photo: Special)

The Community Service Program of Community Empowerment Learning Group (KKN-PPM) 150 University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) initiated the birth of Wagir creative house, Malang Regency. The motto is "Never Stop Reading". Uniquely, the literacy project in the form of Rumah Baca was also based on entrepreneurship.

Among them will be held seminars and entrepreneurial counselling for groups of mothers and other community elements. These activities like the introduction of family medicinal plants (TOGA), a system of processing waste and used goods, until training on making coffee. This Reading House was also used as a community coffee shop.

"Many people around here work in factories, so there is not much time to try entrepreneurship. Hopefully, this extension program and seminar can give new income alternatives to support the community's economy," said the chief of KKN-PPM 150 UMM Dimas Adi Yusuf.

The walls are decorated to look beautiful. (Photo: Special)

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Various book titles, ranging from storybooks, children, and entrepreneurship are provided. There were still several work programs that were still being worked on gradually after the inauguration of this reading house. "Therefore, it is hoped that the Wagir people will remain enthusiastic to participate in the event that we will assemble," said Dimas (25/6).

With the existence of the Wagir creative house, it was hoped that the public can be enthusiastic to improve literacy. "This Wagir Creative Omah is very worthy of appreciation. We are very grateful. Hopefully what is planted today will benefit us all," said Santoko, owner of Coffee Shop Belik-Rumah Baca.

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This project was completed in June by the KKN PPM 150 group and the Youth organization Wagir. Our hope, because children today were more active than reading, let us worked together to make people read actively, "Added the Chairman of Youth organization Wagir.

Moh. Isnaini, M.Pd, field supervisor of the UMM KKN-PPM Group, said that the presence of the Wagir creative house should help grow the economy and the quality of literacy to read the people. "Let's enliven it because this has become the property of Wagir Parangargo Village," he concluded. (Win)



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