The Students of UMM and Singapore Polytechnic Creates Tool to Overcome Trash Problems

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 06, 2016 12:45 WIB
The student of Singapore Polytechnic Presented Waste Banks as the result of LEx Project. Photo: Disty/Humas

COLABORATION between 24 students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM)  and 24 Students of Singapore Polytechnis (SP) has succeed to give positive impacts for Temas Village Development, Batu City. Those 48 Students has succeed to complete three projects, namely waste banks,  truck toy industry, and home industry like pan and oven.

That success revealed in Works Exhibition and Closing of LEx Project which was held at UMM Auditorium, Thursday (6/10). Their works showed after ten days, since Monday (26/9).  Those students doing observation and continued making product which to ease resident work.

Seen from their works, it seems obviously that innovation that had been done by them showed the positive change for residents. Project of Waste Banks at Temas Village RW 6 for instance, previously residents were difficult to seek space to manage garbages that has been classified. There were lots of garbage and the place of it was very less.

Based on observation and analysis. Coordinator of LEx Waste Bank Project Arif Rachman Hakim explained, the solution has founded by making garbage crusher, a presser tool, so garbage that has been sent to waste bank could be managed in such way then could be loaded in one place. “ Garbage Crusher can to press or to make all trashes in thin and flat shapes. The garbages that has been collected from 70 head of Families were pressed until really thin. Cans, bottles, baverages and so on could be included into the tool,” the student of Psychology UMM explained.

Beside garbage crusher, the  students also making super troller that use for taking garbage from resident homes, so they have not to waste time to come to waste banks. The presence of these two tools garbage crusher and super troller evidently to ease garbage management in the village.

Meanwhile on home industry project like pan and oven, the problems was the oven’s craftsman needed a long time to product an oven. According to Syol Indra Syafril, coordinator of home industry pan and oven, within one month produced 100 ovens only. “Oven’s craftsman rejected the order due to the demand increasingly soared and the production time need a long time,” Syol explained.

The longest process was straightening wire to be putted inside oven.  Syol explained that a wire straightened manually and using hand one by one. For maximum manufacturing time, Lex participant created solutions by making a tool to straight wires. With these tools, craftsmen only need to enter a bent wire and it will instantly go out in straight shape. "This tool can decreases oven’s production time so  in one month could produce more than 100 ovens," the student of Communication Science UMM, said.

Representatives of Singapore Polytechnic, Virendra Yadav said, LEx deliberatelywas designed so in a short time student could learn from the real world and to provide concrete benefits for local residents. Through that way, students of Singapore could connected to the local residents,  also to prove care  by creating new technologies that could be directly utilized for production’s intererest efficiently. (Jal / han)




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