UMM Students Assist Singaporean Students Doing Market Analysis

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:57 WIB


Students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Business School when discussing with the students of UMM.

22 students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Business School collaborated with two multinational companies, which were Johnson and Johnson and Panasonic conducted market research in three countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In Indonesia, the research was conducted in Malang accompanied by eight students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

Started on September 24 until October 13, 2016 (for about three weeks), those 22 students would join four seminars about business, which were marketing, cultural and regulatory issues, economic, and supply chain management. Besides, they are invited to make company visit. They visited some pharmaceutical companies and electronics around East Java.

According to the Coordinator Program Representative of UMM, Veri Kurnia Aditama, there were some steps which had to be passed by the participants. The firtst step was investigation to society. SP Business School students would go to 22 people’s houses and 6 pharmacies around UMM to see what electronic devices used and the need of life often used.

 “By doing this investigation, Singaporean students can find out directly and in detail the need of marketplace that will be a recommendation for the two companies”.

According to Very who is also a staff International Relations Office (IRO) of UMM stated "With this investigation, Singapore students can find out directly and in detail the needs of the marketplace that will be a recommendation for the two companies,"

During the investigation, it was found a number of issues such as the majority of society was still hard to find a television signal. It was really bothering. Not only that, there were not much product of Johnson and Johnson found in their daily use and the company did not produce oral care so much.

Those students also needed to know how much the consumption rate of society in oral care and home care product. Veri explained “Oral care is such as mouth freshener and body care. Home are is such as toothpaste, soap, and so on”.

After conducting market research, SP student analyzed to find out the needs of society and what usually Indonesian people use for their daily needs. The result showed that Indonesian people mostly used Panasonic products for electronic devices. Veri stated ”For the needs such as washing machine and air conditioner (AC) are not widely used by Indonesian people” when he was met on the closing ceremony of Tri City program in the Auditorium of UMM (13/10).

According to the Coordinator program of SP Business School, Lii Tan Chong, the result of research which was conducted by those 22 students and 8 students of UMM was not the end of all because SP students still needed to go Thailand and Vietnam to conduct the same research.

Lii Tan Chong thought that three weeks were not enough to conduct a research in Indonesia. One of the lecturers of SP Business School stated “We need to review te result of this research when we already visited the next two countries”.

One of the students of SP, Chia Kerxin stated that Indonesia is very friendly country. Chia amazed to see how UMM accompanied Singaporean students during that time. “We are very thankful to UMM and the buddies who have accompanied us during this three weeks. You sacrificied  your time in order to accompany us”.

Assistant Rector for Coordinator and Foreign Cooperation of UMM, Drs Soeparto.M.Pd said that he was happy and proud to continue cooperating with Singapore Polytechnic in various fields. "Our big expectation is that UMM can continue to be involved in various collaborations with SP”. (jal/han)



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