UMM Students Created Recycled Concrete

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 18, 2020 10:16 WIB
Nurman and his friends showed their homemade concrete. (Photo: Rizki / PR)

Seeing the development of construction in Indonesia which is increasingly rapid, new innovations are needed. Remember, the availability of natural resources which are the basic ingredients in construction is very limited. If construction in Indonesia continues without new alternatives, it will damage the bowels of the earth.

Departing from this phenomenon, students of Civil Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Nurman Handitya Prima, Muh Irfan Maulana, and Oval Mufarid found an environmentally friendly way to recycle the concrete from the rubble.

This could be reused by utilizing the waste of used concrete construction material as a substitution of 100% of the total aggregate needs. Waste of used concrete that was not used was destroyed again to produce coarse aggregates and fine aggregates. In addition, according to them, there were small powders from the destruction of concrete which turned out to be used from cement.

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"Here, we destroy it manually, which use a hammer. Then filtered according to filter size. The material that remains is a coarse aggregate of gravel. What escapes will be destroyed using the Los Angeles machine until it is like sand and filtered again into fine aggregate, "said Nurman, guided by Lukito Prasetyo, Ir. MT, UMM Civil Engineering lecturer.

The results of the recycled concrete cannot be underestimated. In the abrasion test results, this recycled concrete had the same level of wear as the Kulon Progo concrete. Found a wear value of 23.5%, so it was still within the permissible wear value for class III concrete which was below 27% based on the provisions of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

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"We make innovations but do not reduce the durability of the concrete. What we use must comply with applicable standards, must be in accordance with the limits tested so that we don't only use SNI, SII, ASTM and PB, we also test it, "Nurman said.

Due to these innovations, Nurman was able to pass the abstract selection of the competition of National Civil Festival concrete 2020 at the Jakarta State Polytechnic. Remarkably, Nurman became the only representative of the Private University. Then, he would submit the full paper and present the innovation on March 11. (win)



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