UMM Students Make a Drug Information Application for Public Comprehension

Author : Humas | Monday, December 23, 2019 13:59 WIB
The Data Flow team showing the SIPINO Application (Photo: Chandra/PR UMM)

The level of literacy of Indonesian people towards drugs in Indonesia must be a serious concern. The reason is, some official medicines that are sold freely on the market still have lacking information. Some of them have information, but users rarely read the composition. This is based on several reasons, such as too small written information that make it difficult to read.

It was also responded by students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to create a SIPINO (Smart Information System for Drug Information) application, a drug information translator system simply by scanning the packaging image (scan packaging). Android-based application made by Oktario Aldila Fachri, Kharisma Muzaki Ghufron, and Rahmah Hutami Ramadhani was created to support the health literacy community.

"The technology to support the making of this application is in the process of capturing images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which is then applied to Android smart phone devices through Tensorflow, an auxiliary framework software for processing images captured by mobile devices," said Oktario.

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Oktario explained health literacy is generally associated with the ability to read and understand drugs prescription. While the results of their research found that the level of public health literacy in Indonesia is still low. With a low level of health literacy, people tend to indiscriminately consume drugs without knowing the effects.

"To support the improvement of health literacy and products related to medicines in Indonesia, it can be done by delivering information easily and quickly using obtained information through the official website of the state institutionthe Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. Our application makes it easy," Oktario said when interviewed Saturday (12/21).

In general, Oktario said, there are several attributes that can be used to obtain information about drugs based on product names on the site. Some of the attributes are composition and description, willingness, validity period and date of issue. In the composition substance, there is detailed information about the composition information. The user will display the information here.

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"Lots of people have used smartphones as a tool that helps everyday life. This is an opportunity to develop information related to medicines to be easily accessed by the public by integrating BPOM's online information system that can be accessed publicly with a smartphone," said the student of Informatics Engineering Study Program.

"In addition to informing the type, composition, and effect of the drug, this application also ensures whether the medicinal products that have been sold freely on the market already have permission from BPOM. It is hoped that through this system, it can improve health literacy in Indonesia that can be used by the community easily," he explained the work that was registered in the Student Creativity Program. (joh)



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