UMM Student Expect His Electric Car Project can be Mass Produced

Author : Humas | Friday, November 01, 2019 10:03 WIB

Renggi Ahmad Rimeldi together with his electric car model (Photo: Special)

Renggi Ahmad Rimeldi, a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) had a big dream. The mainstay driver of the energy-saving car team who had won the Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE) event in Padang, West Sumatra in 2018 is currently working on a private electric car project.

No kidding, when he became the driver of the energy-saving car Mechronic Team in Padang, Renggi managed to break the record of Asia and the world with the efficiency of electrical energy reaching 335 km / kWh. From there he began to think about being able to develop his energy-efficient electric car so that it could be updated.

After making many prestigious titles, he wants UMM to have a research institute that focuses on developing electric cars. Besides, he dreams of wanting to have his electric car manufacturer that can penetrate foreign markets. Renggi saw the niche market of the family electric car that he named Genetro E.V.

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The concept of this family electric car has a passenger capacity of three people with a maximum speed that can be reached 60 km/hour. The propulsion itself uses an electric motor and carbon fiber body. Because of the concept of a family car, this car is equipped with audio-video, air conditioning, parking cameras, rearview cameras, power windows.


Electric Car Project Design Poster (PHOTO: Special)

In addition to his friends and lecturers, Renggi admitted that he received a lot of input from the figure of Mr. Aji, primarily related to body design. The Pak Aji he told was one of the artists of Malang Raya. Including the matter of making the car body design of the team from UMM which was competed in several KMHE matches.


Renggi's initial intention was to work on this private project to complete his Final Project. But in an opportunity to meet with Ricky Elson, an Indonesian famous electric car scientist, Renggi was given the advice to have bigger dreams, rather than just completing the Final Project.


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"Many doubted that Indonesia could make an electric car. The encouragement of my role model, I am optimistic that I can continue the big dream of Bang Ricky," said the son of the couple Euis Yuliantini and Hendra Rimeldi. Since that meeting, he was determined to be serious about the project he had begun.

So far, the project which has been going on for six months only relies on his pockets. If it is calculated, he has already spent tens of millions of rupiah. The funds were obtained from the results of the business he pioneered himself before. Starting from the culinary business to businesses in the field of clothing or clothing.

Targeted at the beginning of 2020, when he graduated, this project will be completed and introduced to the public. "I am open if there are companies or investors who will take part in this project. Hopefully, this car can be mass-produced shortly," said Renggi (31/10).


Other specifications:

Velk Ring 16

Power steering

Length: 3200 mm

Width: 1650 mm

Height: 1450 mm

Wheelbase: 2200 mm

Ground clearance: 140 mm



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