UMM Students Have the Opportunity to Become International Volunteers

Author : Humas | Friday, June 14, 2019 15:28 WIB
The three UMM students taught English to Polish kindergarten school children in the International Educations 2.0 AIESEC UMM AIESEC program. (Photo: Special)

Who does not want to go abroad while channelling his philanthropic passion? Now that desire can be realized! AIESEC University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) opened a big opportunity for students of all White Campus Departments that had high adventurous and social lives. Opportunities were realized in the Global Volunteer program titled Summer Volunteer.

Becoming a Global Volunteer, participating students will conduct social projects in other countries along with participants from other countries. This international organization in 126 countries every year open two opportunities to become global volunteers. First in winter and second in summer. While the duration of the social project ranges from 6-8 weeks.

Global Volunteer was usually held during semester breaks so it did not interfere with lectures. All social project programs that were carried out were based on the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs which were UN (United Nation) programs. In SDG’s program, there were 17 points of focus, some of which were about poverty, health, education and others.

"Of course this opportunity is wide open for all students from various majors. To take part in the winter or summer social project, the requirements are quite easy. Global Volunteer Candidates get parental approval and a parent permission letter from AIESEC UMM given when they come to the registration booth," explained Wawan, Global Volunteer project manager.

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After that, continued Wawan, volunteer candidates will go through several processes and the final process will follow the interview selection with AIESEC in the project holding country through a video call. "Before the real interview, AIESEC UMM will help volunteer candidates with interview simulations to appear more optimally. So all volunteer candidates will be prepared beforehand, "he said.

Uniquely, to participate in this Global Volunteer program, volunteer candidates were not required to have a TOEFL, IELTS, GPA score or make a motivation letter. "In addition, candidates of Global Volunteer program do not need to worry because AIESEC will guide from the beginning to returning and supervise the development of the participants," said Wawan when met (14/6). (Win)



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