UMM Students Bring Mission to Spread Indonesian Language and Culture to Thailand

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 16, 2018 16:19 WIB
Robby Cahyadi, Muslichatin Rismawati, and Novi Karnowati
Look for science even to China. That's the motivational sentence we often hear. It was understood by today's students to study overseas.
Like what was done by three students of Indonesian Language Education Study Program, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Robby Cahyadi, Muslichatin Rismawati, and Novi Karnowati. The three students joined witrh 52 other students who passed the selection.
The three sixth semester students immediately joined the Indonesia Thailand Internship Program. Muslichaa, Muslichatin Rismawati's nickname, said that the opportunity to be able to share knowledge with other countries is a valuable opportunity.
"I have always aspired to be able to set foot in another country. I am grateful to be able to pass the selection to join this program," explained the student from Mojokerto.
Later, within 2 months, these students will teach Indonesian language and culture in several regions in Thailand.
In line with Muslicha, Robby Cahyadi acknowledged that the experience of teaching students of different cultural backgrounds would bring new challenges.
"Because our culture and language are very different, I hope that they can learn from each other, I introduce Indonesian culture and language while learning their culture and language," explained the student from Banyuwangi.
Head of Indonesian Language Education Study Program, Dr. Sugiarti, M. Si, said that the departure of the students would open up good opportunities because the opportunity to learn and share in overseas is not an easy.
"The mission they bring is to introduce Indonesia through language and culture. More importantly, hopefully it can open up opportunities for future cooperation that allows them to continue working outside," she said.
To open more opportunities for other students, Indonesian Language Study Program plans a similar program. The aim is that more students can experience the introduction and teaching of Indonesian culture and language to the outside community.


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