UMM Students Raised Good Image of Kalilanang Through Movement to Combat Drugs

Author : Humas | Sunday, January 06, 2019 14:48 WIB
One of the socialization sessions was conducted directly by the PR Primer group. (Photo: Special)

Kalilanang area, Bumiaji, Batu City is known as the red zone area. The reason was often used as the headquarters for drug abuse and the practice of prostitution.

In order to not add to the anxiety of many parties, a group of students of the Communication Science Department at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) slowly raised the good image of the Kalilanang area.

One of them was through socialization related to drug abuse on Saturday (1/5). The action was held by the Practical Group of Public Relations Prim PR of UMM Communication Science Department was targeting students to the general public.

Presenting 242 guests was including students and communities from Batu City. Students who were generally Elementary School level received this event well. The event was also attended by the wife of the Vice Mayor, Widi Punjul Santoso.

"I greatly appreciate this event because it can involve students and communities in Batu City. I am proud of this student for caring about fighting drugs, "Widi’s message.

Narcotics, said Widi, became a frightening specter for the young generation of Batu City because it affected their mindset. Thus, the collaboration between students and BNN was appropriate for strengthening the anti-drug movement.

After the socialization event, Prim PR will also add lighting in the Kalilanang area which was currently still pitch black because it was often used as a place to use drugs to immoral acts.

"Through the socialization and addition of some of these facilities, hopefully, the younger generation will stay away from drugs and can pursue more achievements and seek positive activities," added Widi Punjul Santoso.

This activity received moral support from the Batu City National Narcotics Agency, the Head of Pandanrejo Village, FKDM, BPPD, Elementary Schools to High Schools in Batu City and various communities in Batu City.

"It is expected that with this program, the Kalilanang area will become a more useful area and is known through its positive image," said the group leader Prim PR UMM, Yusril Ahmad Zulhelmi.

In addition, continued the student in the7th semester, the community especially adolescents will also understand the dangers of drugs and together fight against the dangers of drugs and promiscuity.

Not only an event that discusses formal drug-related education, but this event was also accompanied by interesting entertainment which included the performance of talents from Batu City students in reading poetry and acoustics. (Win)




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