UMM Students Encourage Children to Increase Competition Souls to Face Globalization Flow

Author : Humas | Thursday, July 26, 2018 15:26 WIB
Anticipating the Flow of Globalization, students of KKN Group 138 UMM held a celebration of National Children's Day titled Anak Jugo Mbois.
The commemoration of the National Children's Day on July 23 becomes a special day to remind the public of the importance of watching the nation's next generation. The same thing was felt by KKN group of 138 University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).
Through the spirit to improve the intelligence and creativity of children in Jugo Village, Kesamben, Blitar, these students held a screening of children's films and various races titled Arek Jugo Mbois. Village Coordinator KKN 138, Muhammad Mar'ie Diliyatna conveyed through this event the group hopes to improve the spirit of children in innovating.
"The purpose of making children more intelligent, innovative and creative in order to be useful for the nation and most importantly they are ready to face the globalization that is currently very fast to enter to various line, including in the world of children," he said Thursday (26/7)
This series of commemorative events was attended by several elementary schools, ranging from SDN 02 Jugo, SDN 03 Jugo, SDN 04 Jugo, and SDN 05 Jugo which also became the place to hold the event. The series of agenda that are contested, namely coloring contest, short letter recitation, contest adzan and traditional game competition that began in the morning. The event was then closed with a screening of the child's film and the prize delivery to the competitor. The General Champion was SD Negeri 03 Jugo.
Representative of SD Negeri 03 Jugo Teacher, Febry said that his party really appreciated the activities of KKN Group 138 UMM students. For him, the series of events held was to revive the soul of the student competition, especially to get the achievement.
"I am very enthusiastic with this activity that can foster the spirit of children, especially in achieving brilliant achievement," he concluded. (ard)


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