UMM Mechanical Engineering Students Create Efficient Sand Sieving Machines

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 21, 2019 15:55 WIB

From left: Fajar, Amirul and Sabiq operating SINPANGSIR (Photo: Mirza and Zaky/PR UMM)

Started from the father anxiety after seeing his worker not efficient in sieving sand, Fajar Ibrahim Sulaksono and two of his friends in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM)created sophisticated sand sieving machines. A machine named Sinpangsir (Efficient Sand Sieve Machine) UMMMechanical Engineering Studentshas several advantages. The use efficiency of time in sorting fine sand and gravel is one of them.

"Sievingshould be done byonlyone person. But in reality it must be done by three people or more,"Fajarsaidwhen interviewed along with his two friends from the Mechanical Engineering Departmentat the UMM Faculty of Engineering (21/5), Sabiq Nugroho and Amirul Bagus Bintoro. This innovation was registered at the Student Creativity Program - Karsa Cipta Director Generalof Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

Some of the advantages of Sinpangsir includedthe sieve tubethatdeliberately designed in the form of an octagon. This was done for a reason.Each angle in that aspect has a function as a snapping as well as a separator between gravel and sand.In addition, Sinpangsir also has a lid on the sieving tube to prevent scattering of sand and gravel split out of the tube.

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One of the advantages that are quite interesting is that this machine uses premium fuel oil (BBM). So that this machine can be usedanywhere without looking for the nearest electrical power source. "This sand sieving machinecanhold up to 174 kg of sand and can sievearound 17 tons per hour," said Fajar. The cost of making this innovative machine is around six million rupiahs.

Resulting from the student's perseverance and creativity guided by Iis Siti Aisyah, ST, MT, Ph.D, they successfully progressedto the Student Creativity Program at the level of external Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev), before going forward to the National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) at the end of June. UMM itself managed to pass 38 PKM teams from all skim categories, to be funded and realized into forms of research and real work. (joh)



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