Nowadays Students Must be Smart Finding the Solution

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:47 WIB

Welcoming the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, the Committee for Introduction of Studies to the New Students (Pesmaba) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) University of Malang Muhammadiyah (UMM) presented environmental activist Ranitya Nurlita on the second day of Pesmaba in UMM Hall Dome.

In this activity, Ranitya who had studied at Bogor Agricultural Intitute (ITB) and been involved in environmental issues invited FISIP UMM new students to be productive and play a role in the wider community continually.

"UMM Faculty of Social Sciences students must be useful for many people. After graduated they must be productive. They don’t only go home but also know the problems and provide solutions for the community," said the woman from Bojenegoro.

Ranitya, who became the main speaker of the second day of Pesmaba FISIP UMM, had been a long time involved in a social worker. Currently, she is also the Founder of ASEAN Reusable Bag Campaingn who is engaged in the innovation of environmental issues.

Ranitya also advised the new students to not be stutter of technology and use social media in a positive way. This environmental activist also said that new students have to have an innovation projects, especially technology-based. It is also important to maintain a spirit of service for the community and the surrounding environment.

"We must always be curious about what the younger generation can be contributed to the society," she added.

Previously, the Pesmaba Committee of FISIP UMM 2018 brought the theme of Revitalizing the Role of Students as Social Capital in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era. Recently, this topic seems to be a warm community social problem.

In 2018, the number of new students of FISIP UMM increased to 1,550. This is the highest number of all faculties at UMM.



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