Psychology students must also be proficient in doing business

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 23, 2019 09:43 WIB
Niam Muiz (gray jacket) with his book, Menggusur Ego. (Photo: Aan /PR)

The Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) collaborated with Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia (HIMPSI) Malang and HIMPSI Jakarta to conduct book Review about "Menggusur Ego" on Tuesday (1/22). The author, Niam Muiz said, in this era of modernization, students were required to explore their potential to become entrepreneurs.

The family of Scientific Psychology as a broad science, said Niam, provided opportunities for students to explore the challenges of globalization. One of them was through business or entrepreneurship. The arrival of a motivator and businessman Niam Muiz, motivated UMM Faculty of Psychology students to foster entrepreneurship.

In the Menggusur Ego book, Niam reviewed the meaning of ego. Ego was like a fire which if managed properly will be an awesome power. Cheer up love, pursue achievements and become spiritual energy. "But if it is not managed properly, the ego becomes dwarfed, wild and down to earth, self-sufficiency and natural surroundings," he said.

After graduated in 1985, Niam Muiz successfully banged on the door of a foreign company. He went back and forth in the five largest foreign consulting companies in the world. As an HR consultant, he has got the pinnacle of his career journey such as Luxury house, the latest BMW series car in its time, high office with 12,000 men.

Meanwhile, the head of Malang's HIMPSI, Muhammad Salis Yuniardi, M.Psi., Ph.D., a psychologist who was also dean of the Faculty of Psychology UMM invited all members of HIMPSI to explore the potential in each self. "HIMPSI is a home for you. And never feel alone because you still have a comfortable home here," he said.

Together with the launch of Niam Muiz's fourth book, Salis explained that this book was very suitable for contemplation material because the theme was very suitable with the current condition of Indonesia. "Where the nation's biggest problem today is the Ego. In addition, each sub-chapter is also interesting to be studied, "he said.

In the future, continued Salis, it was expected that students will no longer only be involved in business in the Psychology class. However, they wanted to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone. It was to build any business. Both in the culinary, technology, and so on through the utilization of Psychology disciplines.

"What is actually done every day is all about human relations, likewise with business. Therefore, Psychology must be able to take the opportunity to do business, "concluded Salis in the 4th-floor meeting room of Gedung Kuliah Bersama (GKB) IV of UMM. (Win)



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