UMM Communication Department Students Won the National Public Relations Competition

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 31, 2019 16:00 WIB
UMM Synergistic PR Team holding their trophy. (Photo: Special)

Indonesia has more than 300 ethnic groups and tribes. Precisely 1340 tribes in Indonesia. Javanese is the biggest in Indonesia with 41% of the total population. It can be seen from the culture, Indonesia has its own uniqueness from any other country. The question is, can we preserve the development in the middle of the world of cultural interaction.

"The Javanese themselves are the largest tribe that inhabits this country. But what is the percentage of public or young people who understand Java language or even Java script?" Said Gita Ajeng Arfina, a student from the Communication Studies Department UMM who brought the matter to the competition arena Yogyakarta Public Relations Day held by Youth Perhumas Yogyakarta (27/10).

Ajeng was not alone, she was with her two classmates Ananda Novera and Irfan Mohammad. Ajeng wants java known among young people, not just the language but also the script wanted to be taken to the international scene. Through the ELING program strategy (Education, Look, Interaction, Follow, and Enterprising), they succeeded in becoming the first champion of the prestigious national event participated by Universities throughout Indonesia.

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First, the "Education" strategy. Namely awakening and educating the public early about the Javanese language and script. The "Look" strategy is to attract the public to see and get to know, namely by holding literary and artistic competitions using the Javanese script, holding literacy activities on social media, and working with influencers to review the attractiveness of learning Javanese languages and scripts.

Next is the "Interaction" strategy, which gives space to the public to interact with the Javanese script. Such as providing space for the public in the comments column of social media to interact with Javanese script, make questions on social media that involve audiences with Javanese script, and present their work using Javanese language and characters.

Another strategy is "Following", which makes the target audience contribute to the development of Javanese script activities. It can be an online and on-ground campaign. On ground can include holding cultural festivals, while online can be done through writing competitions with Javanese script on social media. Finally, "Enterprising. Whichinviting the public to share their experience from the participated activities.

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Only in a relatively short time span of research, just a few hours before the proposal was submitted, they competed quite confidently. It can be seen, the PR Synergistic Team advanced in the final round along with 5 other universities, Gajar Mada University (UGM), Binus University, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University (UIN), Telkom University and Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta (UMY).

To win the competition, Ajeng admitted that their team worked on a creative, interesting and unique proposal design. Not only that, but the proposal was also arranged in a complete and structured way of developing ideas. "In terms of fashion when presenting, our team has prepared custom clothing to better present the culture in Indonesia," Ajeng added at the Awarding Night, Sunday (10/27). (joh)



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