PBSI UMM students entertained Metal Islamic Boarding School Students

Author : Humas | Monday, January 13, 2020 14:36 WIB
The Reading Atmosphere of Metal Islamic boarding school students with KaCa Car of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (Photo: Special)

The interest in the sincerity of Islamic boarding school which glorified people from various backgrounds, students practising of event organizers, Indonesian Language and Literature Education (PBSI) Department, Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) held an event at the Islamic Boarding School, Rejoso, Pasuruan, Thursday (1/9/1) ).

Different from Islamic boarding schools in general, the Metal Islamic boarding schools accepted disadvantaged students, such as mentally disabled people, drug victims, neglected children, orphans. Through an event entitled "Sebar Nobar Pondok Metal" (Happy to Watch Together at the Metal Islamic boarding school), this group called the Argya Project shared happiness with Metal Islamic boarding school students from ages 1 to 12 years.

This activity was packed with various interesting activities, namely education of traditional games through clowns, outbound, reading books by the KaCa Car UMM, learning English, and watching together. Through UMM Mobile Cinema Car, this activity showed the film "Garuda di Dadaku 2". The selection of the film aimed to motivate children up, teamwork in all the challenges they faced.

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According to Viki Setyawan, the head of the Argya Project group, this activity was used not only as a completion of the Practicum Event Organizer Productive Language Skills course but also as a sense of wanting to foster social life and social care for others. For Viki, children or students in this Islamic boarding school needed to get more attention.

"It is hoped that there are outsiders who are moved to share with all these extraordinary children. The selection of a series of activities is also expected to provide a fun alternative activity, which is different from the activities at the Islamic boarding school in general, "said Viki.

Continuing, the lecturer of the subject, Mohamad Isnaini, appreciated the good and courage of practicum students to be part of the Islamic boarding school activities. He admitted that the selection of this Islamic boarding school was very appropriate because the Islamic boarding school was different from the Islamic boarding school in general.

"It is hoped that sometimes different ideologies can be united here. This is a positive treasure when friends carry out activities here, "said Isnaini.

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In addition, he explained, productive language skills were actually expressions in Indonesian that were manifested in various forms. Linguistic coverage was quite broad was the implementation of how to communicate, negotiate and other language skills so that it was realized in an event organization.

"Our focus is on how to communicate negotiations with several parties, how to package this event with a variety of creative ideas, strong teamwork and how to organise an event," explained Isnaini. (win)



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