UMM Postgraduate Students Requires to Fill Out Presentation Abroad

Author : Humas | Friday, May 05, 2017 06:53 WIB

Good news came from Postgraduate Program (PPs) (UMM). Students from all courses received in academic year 2016/2017 would have experience filling out seminars abroad. This was stated by UMM Vice Director II, Akhsanul In'am PhD, Thursday (4/5).

Interestingly, the cost of maintenance for the entire seminar process would be borne by UMM. In addition, those who would go abroad would get mentoring writing papers, presentation skills, and other skills to support the presentation. Administratively, In'am explained, the students only had to prepare passport number and transportation fee.

"All new students of 2017 who do not have a passport we will give a certificate to have it. Hopefully, master graduates already have experience making articles and holding seminars abroad. Thus, wherever they fill out seminars will not be a problem," said In'am.

Another advantage of this program, for articles published in the Scopus index would be exempt from trial obligations. The university in which the seminar held would be targeted as a number of universities in the ASEAN region who had cooperated with UMM. In the future, it would be expanded the scope of college

cooperation. (Can / han)



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