UMM Machine Students Gave Free Motorcycle Service

Author : Humas | Friday, April 26, 2019 09:56 WIB
One of the students was serving a motorbike on a free motorbike service event. (Zaki / PR)

The Machine Student Association (HMM) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) which cooperated with the Semi-Autonomous Institution (LSO) of the automotive held free motorbike service in UMM campus III parking lot, April 24-25.

The program which was routinely held every year was a series of agenda of the 35th Anniversary of Mechanical Engineering Department. Previously there was also a seminar on Occupational Health and Safety (K3) and Mechanical Modification Oto Contest 2019.

The Chief Executive, Mochammad Ilham Nur said, by taking the tagline "UMM Mechanical Engineering for the Community" was expected that students can apply the knowledge gained to be felt directly by the community.

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"We serve light services such as oil changes, spark plug checks, tire checks and much more. We also provide 35 free oil for the first customer and a 20 per cent discount for the next customer, "Ilham said.

Furthermore, this free service mobilized 22 mechanics which was ten mechanics from mechanical engineering students in 2017-2018 and twelve from UMM automotive LSO students. Ilham targeted one hundred customers in two days.

This service was specifically for motorcycles with a minimum produced in 2000. The requirement was enough to show the STNK and bring identity cards in the form of ID cards for the general public, and Student Card for active students in all majors.

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This free service was also a place for developing self-potential for Mechanical Engineering students. "We see a lot of potentials that students have in the automotive field. So that we accommodate ten people like mechanics, "he said.

"The agenda is a work program from the social division of the community as a form of application of the Tri Dharma of higher education. We apply it by helping the community through alleviating automotive problems, "he said.

The mechanics which was involved not only channel their talents and hobbies, the mechanics were also previously given the knowledge from training and lectures related to Mechanics Gluida, Machine Elements and other materials.(Win)



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