Malaysian Student Learns at FK UMM

Author : Humas | Monday, May 18, 2015 12:12 WIB

Welcome medical student Malaysia by PR III UMM Dr Diah Karmiyati Psi, Monday (18/5).

Faculty of Medical Science University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FK UMM) received ten students from Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS), Monday (18/5). Placed at UMM Hospital, group that led directly by the Dean of Medical Faculty, Prof Dr Abd Rahim Mohamad was received by Dean of Medical Faculty UMM dr Irma Suswati MKes, Director of UMM Hospital Prof Dr dr Djoni Djunaedi SpPD KPTI, Director of Aisyiyah Islamic Hospital (RSIA) Muhammadiyah Malang Dr Sastrawiyanto MARS, and Vice Rector III UMM Dr Diah Karmiyati Psi. 

“Our arrival here would like to know the process of work and medical service in Indonesia, especially in Malang through UMM Hospital and RSIA MUhammadiyah,” said Rahim. The plan, all students who are in eighth semester will conduct the activity of lectures and practical from May 18 until next June 10.

According to Dean of Medical Faculty UMM, this student exchange is the first time conducted by their faculty. “This is a follow up of MoU (Memorendum of Understanding) that signed sometimes ago,” said dr Irma. She continued, cooperation between CUCMS and FK UMM is in the form of worm and midwifery.

“The arrival from Malaysia to UMM is their request. We will find the proper field then our student also can be sent to Malaysia,” he said. In addition to Malaysia, FK UMM is under discussion cooperation with Thailand. Cooperation which is conducted by FK UMM had the full support from campus, as presented by PR II.

“Cooperation with other country is very good. This is appropriate with UMM vision and mission in 2020; become World Class University. This is also very important so we can measure ourselves with other campuses, especially in ASEAN area how far our position with them,” said Diah.


        In addition to FK, some faculties such as Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP), also Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) also already conducted international cooperation with campuses or overseas institution. “MoU is not only to be signed, but must be followed up. I think the activity of student exchange conducted by FK UMM and CUCMS is a concrete step that should be appreciated,” said PR III UMM.

One of student CUCMS, Yazmin admitted amazed with UMM. “The hospital is nice, large, UMM is very wonderful. Just stay a day in Malang I felt like home, the people is very friendly,” said Yazmi. (zul/han/t_zuh)




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